10 Easy Ways to Make Food Delicious

Not only the addition of salt and spices makes the food tastier. Some little things, which we did not even guess, can also help. Below we have collected 10 tips to help you make your food taste better.

Do not cut garlic and onions in advance

Sliced onions and garlic give off strong odors that can become uncomfortable. It is best to cut them at the last minute or to stand in a solution of soda with water (1 teaspoon per glass of water). The solution will reduce the severity, most importantly, do not forget to rinse them before adding to the dish.

Do not throw away the flesh of tomatoes

Seeds and flesh around them have the strongest taste and smell. Therefore, if the dish does not say that you need to get rid of the pulp, do not do it.

Preserve the freshness of fats

Fats in butter and vegetable oils after a while rancid and spoil the taste of dishes. In order to slow down this process, it is necessary to limit the supply of oxygen to them. You can do this by putting butter in the freezer, nut butter in the refrigerator, and vegetable – in a dark and cool place.

Spread ingredients only on a hot pan

The surface temperature for cooking is reduced immediately, as soon as food is placed on it. Therefore, if you are cooking vegetables, wait until the oil in the frying pan starts to bubble, and when cooking dishes without oil wait until the steam comes from the frying pan.

Fill food with sugar

If you are not an opponent of sugar, you can season them with fried meat, seafood or vegetables. Sugar will give them a more intense taste.

Improving the taste of spices

To strengthen the taste of spices and dried herbs, you need a minute or two to cook them in cream or vegetable oil before adding to the dish. If the recipe says to add spices in the end, then add them when the dish is left to prepare for 1-2 minutes.

Do not throw away the grill

The remaining pieces of frying pan can serve as an excellent addition to sauce, soup or stew. Pour liquid on the hot pan (wine, juice, broth) and scrape them with a wooden spoon.

Do not take out pastries too early

Ideal coloring of bread, pies and other baking – golden brown. Virtually all ovens have transparent doors, so you can observe the attainment of the desired condition.

Add some soy sauce or anchovies

Soy sauce and anchovies contain a large amount of glutomate, which gives the dish a rich meat taste. Add 1-2 teaspoons of soy sauce to the chili or other dressing or, if you are cooking vegetables, add a bit of ground anchovies.

Add fresh herbs on time

Hard grasses, such as cumin, rosemary, sage and oregano, must be added at the beginning of cooking. So they will give more flavor, and their structure will become less solid. Soft herbs, such as basil, parsley, cilantro and onions, it is better to add in the last minutes, otherwise they will lose their smell and bright color.

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