10 tips to select a smart Smartphone

Once upon a time, there was a big and healthy computer and its little tiny sister Laptop. We all used to work on such devices then. Handling data on hard-disk, taking backup, removing virus and key-loggers, connecting printer and fax machine, DVD writer and tons of CDs and DVDs. Trying to connect to internet connection from dial-up to broadband and waiting for hours to download any stuff.

Then, there was a major change in technology. All the problems and complications lead us to invent a better phone called – Smartphone.

Today’s era is of Smartphone. We can install numerous apps for our home or office tasks, do our regular task on email, social networking sites and take backup on cloud network or email account. From making presentation for client to putting reminder for bills – all can be done on smartphone.

But do you know how to select a smart smartphone? Market is flooded with different smartphone with different features. Generally, people buy dumb phone and then they face problem of hang-up or reboot problem.

In this article, we’ll discuss few important tips which you must follow to get a real smartphone. Consider them in your budget to find the best.

1. Processor

Processor will decide the speed of your smartphone. It can be single or double or more. So, double core means that a smartphone has a 2 processors and thus giving you double the speed. Similarly, we’ve quad core (4 processors), hexa core (6 processors) and so on.

Select at least dual core processor.

2. RAM

At times, your smartphone operating system and applications needs to store tons of information temporarily in memory. That’s the usage and benefit of RAM

There was a time when 256 KB or 512 KB RAM was sufficient for Android operating system to work perfectly. But with latest versions – Jelly Bean and Kit Kat, your smartphone must have at least 1 GB of RAM. Below that, your android OS will not work perfectly and you need to reboot your phone again and again. Most of the applications and games will not work with less available RAM

Select at least 3 GB of RAM.

3. Operating System (OS)

We’ve different phones with different operating system (OS). OS is the backbone of your smartphone. It should be fast, stable and secure. Comparing Windows OS and Android OS, I would strongly recommend Android OS. It’s latest version KitKat is much secure than its previous version Jelly Beans.

Millions of free and paid apps on Google play store will add more features to your existing phone. Such application are not compatible with Windows mobile OS.

Select at least Android Jelly Beans or KitKAT version.

4. Screen size

Screen size selection depends upon the work you’re going to do on your Smartphone. If your main task is just call and SMS handling, 4 inch size is just sufficient for you. If you want to type your email and watch YouTube movies too, then go for at least 5″ (inch) or more screen size.

Big screen size will also help you to manage and install applications easily. It will also put less strain on your eyes. But do check the size of your pocket before you buy big screen phone.

Select at least 5 inch screen size.

5. Camera

Generally, smartphone comes with 2 camera. One front and one back. Front one is used for video chatting and back one is used to take pictures of your favorite moments.

For clear resolution of video and images, your smartphone should have higher Mega Pixel (MP) capacity. Higher the MP, clearer the video and picture.

For beginners, select at least 8 MP back camera and 2 MP front camera. You need to increase your budget significantly if you go for higher resolution than this.

6. Storage and expansion

Almost all smartphones now-a-days comes with 2 GB internal memory. But that doesn’t mean you can use full
2 GB. Major portion of it will be consumed by Android OS, system and user applications. You can use the remaining few MB of space.

So, the solution is look for feature of expansion of storage media by adding external SD card. In a normal Smartphone, you can add upto 32 GB of external memory card and enjoy the BIG space.

7. Battery

Smartphones are power hunger. Lots of system application are running continuously for OS to work smoothly. Add your own applications on to it like antivirus, email notification etc. So, select phone with higher capacity of power backup. Technically, this is measured is mAH, which is written on back of the battery and on phone box also.

Do not select smartphone with 1500 mAH battery. Go for more than 2000 mAH. Micromax Canvas A177 has a battery capacity of 3000 mAH. Select yours as per your budget.

8. Guarantee / warranty and after sales service

What if you found that your phone is not working well after you buy it? It might be some technical fault or you might have accidentally thrown it. Generally, every phone comes with 1 year warranty. You need to check out presence of after sales service centre of the phone company in your city.

Some companies do not have their service centres in small cities. Some have service centres but they take at least 30 days to solve your problem.

Check the official website of the phone company to see list of service centre in your city.

9. Weight of the phone

Often neglected by many. Do not buy if the phone is too heavy to carry. You can not easily carry a high weight phone throughout the day in your office or outside. It should be easily fit in your pocket and your body should not face any difficulty in carrying it.

But the problem here is that if you select higher mAH battery, the weight of the phone will automatically increase. You’ve to compromise somewhere.

10. 4G and other Network connectivity

Although we’ve started talking about 5G, but to use it practically, it will take couple of years. At this time, you can easily use
4G internet on your phone to check emails, watch live TV, YouTube videos and much more.

You may also enjoy Wifi network on your phone, if it has that feature or make your phone as wifi hotspot too and enjoy internet connection of your phone on your computer or laptop.

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