10 Tricks To Get Pregnant

A baby changes your life even before pregnancy. These are the advice that your gynecologist will give you once you have made the decision to become a parent to achieve success sooner.

  1. Go to the pre-pregnancy consultation. Your doctor will give you a complete check-up to monitor your health in the face of conception and pregnancy and will give you advice to achieve your purpose. He will also tell you to take folic acid to avoid spina bifida in the fetus and supplements of iodine, a vital mineral in pregnancy.
  2. Find out your fertile days. To do this, use our fertile days calculator. Remember that, on average, ovulation occurs 14 days before the arrival of menstruation. On the other hand, sperm have an average life span in a woman's body of 3 or 4 days and the ovum remains fertilizable for 24 hours.
  3. Take it easy. Making love with the only obsession of getting pregnant is a terrible strategy both to achieve the goal and for your relationship and sexual life. Remember: stress is a major factor in infertility, and obligation kills desire.
  4. Orgasm helps conception. The spasms that it originates in the woman's sexual apparatus help the transfer of sperm towards the fallopian tubes.
  5. Having sex several times a day is not a good method. Keep in mind that the sperm is losing quality in each relationship. In these cases, less is more.
  6. As a general guideline, specialists recommend having at least three sexual encounters between days 11 and 18 of your menstrual cycle.
  7. Watch your diet. It is essential to eat fruit and vegetables in abundance, both for men and women. If you can afford it, choose them organically grown to avoid pesticides and fertilizers. In all cases, always wash them. Discover the foods that help conception.
  8. Avoid tobacco. Smoking 10 cigarettes for women and 20 for men decreases fertility. If you don't smoke, stay out of smoke-filled spaces.
  9. No to obesity and anorexia. Both are factors of infertility, since they are usually associated with hormonal disorders.
  10. Play sports. Regular exercise prepares your body for pregnancy, takes away the risks of obesity, and reduces stress.

The tricks that don't work

Myths and false beliefs about fertility are not lacking. They are tricks or ideas that circulate but nobody has been able to demonstrate their usefulness. Here are some of them:

  • Lying down with your hips resting on a cushion doesn't make the sperm flow any better. In the same way, washing after sex does not prevent pregnancy.
  • The missionary position does not favor the conception of a child.
  • The phases of the moon do not influence the sex of the baby.
  • Having taken oral contraceptives does not make pregnancy difficult.

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