11 things you should not save on

The crisis, low wages force many today to save on everything.


To have always free cash is, of course, good, but in pursuit of a penny, one can not lose sight of some more important things.


Appreciate your health. Put your safety first. Going to small and seemingly insignificant changes in your life, you can in the future feel quite unpleasant consequences of their actions. Today you save on some things, and tomorrow your wallet can significantly lose weight due to imprudence.


There is nothing wrong with trying to postpone the saved ruble at every opportunity. This allows you to purchase and save additional cash to cover other current expenses that you can not save. However, there are cases when attempts to spend as little as possible or not to spend at all can do more harm than good.


Buying a used car instead of a new one


Here is one rule: if you can not afford a new car, then stay away from used cars. Of course, sometimes the sentence can be very tempting. So you checked the mileage, inspected the car along and across, did a test run, the price suits you … The old car breaks down always very quickly and inappropriately. This is an additional cost for ongoing maintenance.


It often happens that the former owners of your newly acquired vehicle simply hid some “minor” nuances that forced them to sell the car. If you are not versed in cars or do not have good mechanical friends, it is better to abandon the idea of buying an old car.


Tip: You can make a better deal if you regularly monitor various stocks held by trusted dealers. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of discounts, bonuses, to become the owner of a new car at an affordable price.


Switch to cheap medications


To save on medicines by purchasing cheap analogs is a very tempting venture, but rather risky. The doctor prescribed you something that probably suits you more and has an excellent effect. If you insist on buying an analogue now and in the future find out that you are still sick, then this will entail decent expenses and increase the course of treatment. Appreciate your health. Do not worry, because saving in this situation is just silly.


Tip: Ask your doctor if there is a cheaper drug that will work just as well as the recommended medication.




Playing a doctor can be pretty damaging. A common cold can develop into pneumonia. Listen to your body when it tells you that it is time to seek professional help. It is always cheaper to treat the disease while it is still in its initial stages. The worst thing you can do is drive your symptoms into the search engine on the Internet and start treatment without consulting a doctor.


There can only be one council here. Do not self-medicate to save your money, time and not lose the main value – health.


Savings in the construction of your home or overhaul


Your safety and your family should be a priority. Do not save on construction specialists, if you are not yourself. This can have catastrophic consequences.


If you save on materials, then the roof is likely not to fall on your head once, but you will feel what it really cost you quite soon. In the future, you have to spend money on capital repairs, rework. Often the cheapest materials can be simply toxic and short-lived.


Tip: Save on the home interior. You can restore the old furniture, lamps, make furniture yourself. Even ordinary plywood can become an indispensable material for the embodiment of your ideas. Fantasize, read forums about various home-made works, watch the programs about masters of all trades. Think about how, without unnecessary costs, bring walls and ceilings into proper shape. Do not buy on popular advertising, try to adopt old-fashioned methods, because before people somehow left the situation without expensive laminate or smart stretch ceilings.


Do it yourself: plumbing and electricity


If your hands are “sharpened” properly, if you are able to fix the faucet yourself, replace the wiring, then bravo! You will not be wasted on the master, if you have a flood in the bathroom or a spark plug in the kitchen. Nevertheless, there are cases that require the intervention of professionals.


Do you need to reinstall the plumbing throughout the house? Pave new wiring? Install the gas stove? Are you not confident in your abilities? Are you doing something like this for the first time? Pour the neighbors, break the installation of a new toilet, arrange a short circuit or burn a half-house – not the best idea, really ?!


Tip: Call various masters, companies that can help you by providing your masters. Compare prices, read reviews. Make a list of those cases that you can decide on your own. After consulting with a specialist on your problem, buy all the necessary components yourself, so you will avoid unnecessary extra charges for services, and also be able to choose budget options for yourself.


Long distance travel


If you are forced to go somewhere very far or move with all your belongings and family to another city / country, then you should sit down and count everything. There are such adventurous misers who manage to cut costs halfway while moving or during a long trip. But what if you have a family or you are one of those people who will never sacrifice their full rest and full stomach?


Do not need asceticism. If you have chosen a multi-day train ride, instead of a two-hour flight by plane, this does not mean that you have saved. During the trip, you will spend money on food, on the leisure magazines and crossword puzzles. Weary and tired after a long shaking in the car, you want elementary blessings: to wash, shave and sleep properly, and this is again unnecessary costs. You will have to constantly shell out for various trifles, which will draw a decent amount from your wallet.


Having saved on the delivery of your belongings, you can undermine your physical health and peace of mind. But, if you decide to drag your huge luggage yourself, for example, to and from the train, the family may lose the breadwinner. At some point your back will pray to you, so you hired a longshoreman, and this is not an expensive pleasure.


Tips: Choose the right time for your trip. Tickets significantly cheaper in the “unpopular” season or on holidays. Also, many large transport companies have discounts and various promotions. Compare all the pros and cons of a trip on one or another type of transport. For example, if you are driving your car, then you need to take into account all the nuances: from the cost of fuel and gatherings in roadside cafes to force majeure situations.


Things. Recognize all the companies involved in long-distance freight. The price, time of delivery, the possibility of storing your belongings in the warehouse, until you come for them, the cost of delivery from the warehouse, loading / unloading. If you have your own trailer, trailer, truck – excellent.


Cheap accommodation


Choosing a cheaper accommodation is fine when you are looking for a place to temporarily stay in large cities, but it is better to avoid this principle, going to remote areas, in the backwoods. If possible, it is better to agree to a three-star hotel at a minimum. Your safety and comfort depend on it.


Tip: When using economy-class housing, you need to know in advance the responses of previous guests, as well as gather more information about the area where you chose a hotel or apartment. Before being forced into a dubious hotel, inspect the room in advance and carefully. Check the security of the locks on the doors and the latches on the windows.


Buying cheap shoes


In a good pair of shoes, you will always be warm and comfortable. Cheap models can fall apart from the rain, crack and burst in the cold, dirty your socks, rub your foot and deliver a bunch of other troubles, up to the foot fungus. Shoes should be worn for several years, and not change every season, which, of course, will cause great damage to your plan of reasonable savings.


Cheap shoes in all respects cost their owner more than a pair of good and more expensive boots. Do you often walk so you do not spend money on travel? Especially it is necessary to approach the issue of choice more rationally.


Advice: Try to buy shoes not in season, for different stocks. Not bad to get a good store discount card. Do not overpay for branded shoes. It is possible to find excellent shoes from less advertised companies and pay only for the quality of the new pair, and not for the brand.


Public transport if you get home after midnight


If you are forced to return home very late by public transport, then first of all think about how safe it is. Think in detail about your route. Risking life and health is not worth it in order to save on a taxi. The taxi itself is not safer than the same tram, but you can tell the number of the car, the name of the driver, the name of the taxi service to your relatives, how much and where you sit when you are about. Especially on the car you can travel from place to place without grafts and walking passes through unpopulated alleys.


Tip: Choose a taxi with good service and optimal prices. Learn about possible promotions and discounts for regular customers. Take business cards.


Saving on food


Save on everything except food, specifically on its quality. If you like something to reward yourself for your hard-earned money, then you will spend first and foremost on food. Nevertheless, when people try to save, the first thing they cut at the point of their spending is food. You can not spend money on exquisite and exotic, but not on a healthy diet. Fast food, instant noodles, products with expiring shelf life, rotten fruits and vegetables (trifles, cut out foulbrood and eat, not boyars) can greatly undermine your health and affect your performance. Quality food is your investment in your health and further work capacity.


Tip: If you really want to not spend too much on food, then try to cook food yourself. Buy as much as possible in the markets, preferably at wholesale. Make a list of “strategic stocks” and the most needed products. Go to the store only with a list and strictly adhere to it. Compare products for price and quality. Designate for yourself places where you can make good purchases at an affordable price. Learn about various promotions and discount cards for regular customers of a particular store.


Purchase of new home appliances


If your refrigerator recently celebrated its 20th anniversary, then you can safely consider buying a new one. New devices are more energy efficient, that is, they consume less electricity. Do you think that you should not spend money on new equipment, if the old devices still “fury”? A short-sighted position that will plunge you into further spending. It is more rational to save money on repairing out of order equipment, and to reduce electricity bills in the long term.


Tip: Think about whether or not you really need a particular technique. Acquire an indispensable and not just another luxury item. Wait for holidays to get great prices and huge discounts. Do not take loans, use installments if possible.

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