4 best hidden Apple iOS features

Below are the 4 best-hidden Apple iOS features:

1. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access frequently used utilities

Most iOS users see this application only if they accidentally open it. Swipe up from the bottom of the desktop opens on the screen of a smartphone or tablet an extremely useful menu with instant access to the top ten frequently used functions: the switches of the mode “In the airplane”, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, “Do not disturb”, turn off the screen, the brightness control of the display and volume, and four utilities – clock / timer, calculator, camera, and flashlight.

2. Pull the text message to the left to see the time it was sent

While on the message history screen, simply drag the screen to the left to see the exact time that each message was sent.

3. Use the electronic compass as a level

Open the compass application and swipe to the left. Your smartphone will turn into a level that can work both horizontally and vertically. Recent iOS updates also added a miniature level to the standard compass screen. Find the small circle and the + sign in the outer circle. When the small + and large + converge in line – the phone is aligned.

4. Use the head movements to control iOS

This feature, which appeared in iOS 7, requires some preparation for its work, but it can be considered one of the best tricks of the new operating system. Thanks to the Switch Control system, you can tilt your head to the left or right – and your smartphone will perform certain actions: as a rule, scroll through the menu and select the necessary items in it.

Go to Settings> General> Accessibility> Switch Control. Select Switches> Add New Switch> Camera. Here you can set various actions for tilting the head left and right. Experiment with the options for scrolling through the menus and selecting items – or turn on Auto Scanning to simplify the matter. You will also need to enable Switch Control to enable this feature.

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