5 Real Ghost Pictures That Will Make You Panic

First of all, if you’ve a weak heart, don’t read further. Just close this post. This post will show you some REAL ghost pictures that will make you panic.

1. Running through the woods

This picture is absolutely horrifying. The child like figure running through the woods looks too skinny to be a normal healthy child.

Real Ghost Pictures

Some say you can see a man running after her as if he’s trying to catch her and take her away.

2. Hard to Sell

When a realtor first took this photo to post on their real estate website, they had no idea that they snapped a photo of a previous resident.


After the picture had been developed, the agent noticed that there was a strange figure looming in the doorway.

3. Reappearance

This old man was spotted in the picture behind this grandma. Some say it looks like a younger version of the woman’s deceased husband.


It’s utterly terrifying that he is standing directly behind her and that she didn’t have a clue with the entire time.

4. A Mother’s Goodbye

While visiting her mother’s grave, one day Mabel Chenery turned around and took a picture of her husband sitting alone in their car. After having the pictures developed, Mabel was shocked to see another bigger sitting in the car in the seat behind her husband.

A Mother's Goodbye

Upon closer inspection, she discovered that it was none other than her own mother sitting in the back seat of the car.

5. You weren’t invited

We’re not sure who invited this old woman to dinner time. But we are almost positive that the family we see in the forefront has no idea about the newest addition.

You weren't invited ghost

Maybe the woman in the reflection is too ghost of a former resident. Maybe it’s the spirit of a scorned mother, we’ll probably never know.

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