5 Useful Tips to Secure Mobile Facebook

Do you go to Facebook from your mobile? First, read the tips on how to make visiting this social network more reliable.

As practice shows, most users do nothing to protect their account.

Visiting your favorite social network from your mobile phone makes you an easy target for scammers who just give an excuse and they will steal your personal data instantly.

Therefore we’ve prepared for you 5 ways how to protect your account in Facebook when you visit it from your mobile phone.

1. Lock the device

More than 30% of users do not use passwords to log into their smartphone. Although this seemingly minor detail may become the first line of defense on the way to your data.

Try to keep not only your Facebook account but also your smartphone. Think not only about the social network but also about e-mail, important documents stored on your smartphone, personal photos and videos – all this becomes vulnerable to kidnapping.

2. Use different passwords

Three-quarters of users use the same password for all their accounts. The most common password is “123456” or the word “password” is typed in the Latin keyboard.

It is necessary for an attacker to choose a password, as it will not be difficult for him to crack your e-mail and all existing accounts on the Internet.

3. Make sure you have a safe view

Facebook back in 2011 proposed a secure connection protocol HTTPS (HTTP Secure), in order to protect themselves from open attacks. For example, authorization via free public Wi-Fi is desirable precisely through the HTTPS protocol.

Although this method may not like many users – the speed through HTTPS is several times slower than through normal HTTP.

4. Include agreement

Another useful way: to enable the function to define actions by phone number. Facebook will send SMS to your phone number every time someone is logged into Facebook under your account.

If you suddenly find out that this is someone else, then by SMS you can ask for instructions on changing the password.

5. Use “Trusted Contacts”

This feature on Facebook has appeared recently. It allows you to select a small group of trusted friends, and in case of hacking an account, Facebook can send them a password recovery code.

This option is laborious enough, but it is a reliable way to save your account if all methods are useless.

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