9 preparations for a woman before divorce

Divorce is a painful process for every family for every couple, but there is no way, no less than a last resort, no one is willing to go this step. Divorced men and women always have reasons why they think it necessary to divorce. Outsiders or friends don’t really need to make irresponsible remarks. What they can do is support your friends and not gossip.


In fact, people’s psychological construction is far from what we imagined and certainly not fragile. But when it comes to being strong and fragile, it is the corresponding thing. When we have to be strong, we can only choose to be strong. However, once the strong coat is removed, we will become vulnerable again. Divorce is like a roof to a woman. Even if you feel strong enough to have an independent economy, feelings are always the most painful blow in the spiritual world for women.


Many people may say that American women are mostly strong and economically independent. Earlier, the United States’ divorce rate has been maintained at 50% until it has risen to 60%. The figure is enough to show their attitude towards divorce. Similar to step daddy or step mama (stepmother or stepmother) is also very common in our generation. But in fact, American women are not as strong as we know when they divorce.


01. Give yourself a long-term psychological recovery, if necessary, you can find a psychotherapist


Most women will have a hard time after divorce. They tell you that although they have an independent economy and they are in very good condition, their mental helplessness is like having sequelae of divorce. It can take up to a year. In the state of recovery, many of them will seek out psychotherapists to help them release their psychological burden. But at the same time, they use their own experience to tell you, please give yourself a year or longer to recover, do not force yourself to forget what happened.


02. Choose a clever lawyer.


Not every lawyer is good at divorce cases, not every divorce lawyer will be sympathetic to you. They may stand in your position to help, but the best divorce lawyer is he/she can really feel you The pain, especially if you have property or children’s problems cannot be resolved easily, you must choose your lawyer carefully. A lawyer that suits you will maximize your benefits and receive reasonable compensation. Satisfaction divorce agreements will also help you balance your negative attitude.


03. Learn more about your common property.


The most troublesome part of divorce is the division of property, especially the common property portion. You need to understand the details of the buying and whereabouts of the joint property and the details of its use. Try to understand the details in great detail, including the amount of time before and after the transaction. You must also understand whether someone has helped you invest? Is there an investment advisor? Know their names. You also need to know the password for all common accounts and where the funds are paid automatically. In short, in order to get a smoother divorce, it is better to ensure that your interests are better prepared in advance.


04. Think about your living expenses and income sources as soon as possible after your divorce.


Basic life is the capital for survival. Many women in the United States will resign from their homes after having married children. Therefore, economic problems after divorce are the biggest difficulties. Then when you consider divorce, you must know how to support yourself after divorce, or whether you can work immediately, and do not worry about basic life? Some people start thinking about life after impulsively divorcing, and they will be in a hurry and will cause great problems. So be sure to prepare the basic source of spending for living alone afterwards.


05. Reserve yourself an unexpected expense.


There may be some unexpected expenses after divorce. These are unpredictable. For example, a woman who is in need of urgently needed money, or who puts her hope on alimony, will experience ex-husband unemployment or economic problems after divorce. The American woman thinks that she should ask the husband to pay a one-off alimony before divorce, and separate from the subsequent monthly maintenance. In this way, even if her ex-husband has problems with the economy, he does not have to worry too much about economic problems.


06. Do not attempt to profit from attacking your ex-husband.


Someone chooses to divorce after an injury. The psychological imbalance can be understood, but don’t be stupid. Managing your own mouth and attacking or hurting your ex-husband behind you will only be another reason why your ex-husband abandoned you in your divorce lawsuit. If you try to go to the ex-husband company and let your ex-husband lose his job, it will not only make you lose more. You and your child’s future life will only be even more sad. This is a kind of retaliatory action that will not be worth the loss.


07. Divorce does not mean that you are a loser.


Divorce can only show that you and he no longer live together. You are no longer his wife. You no longer live together in the same room. It is just that. Do not give yourself the top hat of the loser, let alone indulge yourself in a series of negative emotions in divorce. You and his inappropriateness do not mean that you are not suitable for you. Divorce does not mean that you are not a qualified wife or a good lover. Divorce is simply that you and he are not suitable to continue living together.


08. Holidays will be more sad.


There are many vacations every year. There are usually many activities for family holidays, but the lack of busy work during the holiday after divorce will make you quiet, but it will be even more sad. Especially when it comes to Valentine’s Day, Christmas and New Year, it reminds us of more beautiful pasts. At this time, we must adjust our own mentality. Get ready for good-hearted greetings and loneliness.


09. Communicate with your child and guide your child’s positive attitude towards your divorce.


Children often do not tell you what he thinks of your divorce, but in the post-menstrual life, they will always show up inadvertently, which you cannot avoid. The difference in the lives that divorce brings to children is always an existing problem. We must face this problem, communicate with children frequently, and guide children to understand the reasons for your divorce. Escape this problem in front of the child will cause more harm to the child.