Amazing Benefits of Vaseline

Vaseline was always in the aids of our grandmothers. He helped to remove irritation from the skin, softened the hardened areas and protected the mucous from the corrosive effects of the environment. Vaseline contains mixtures of solid and liquid carbohydrates. Vaseline is obtained when processing petroleum fractions at a low boiling point, and its invention dates back to the middle of the 19th century.

Already at 60 ° C, petroleum jelly melts, dissolves in ether and chloroform, it can be mixed with all but castor oils, it does not dissolve in water and alcohol. Paraffin gums of natural origin are used for making natural petroleum jelly. Artificial is made from a mixture of ceresin and paraffin, to which vaseline perfume oil is added, increasing the viscosity. Natural petroleum jelly has an antimicrobial effect.

Medical Vaseline


Thoroughly cleaned and has a white color. Applied in medicine as a basis for medicinal ointments, protects the skin from burns. Vaseline helps protect the skin from burns when setting jars. A thin layer of Vaseline helps to heal small cracks on the skin and soothe the skin when frostbite.

Cosmetic Vaseline


Used for ointments and creams. But one should be careful, it has the property of tightly clogging the pores of the skin, and this blocks the access of oxygen to it. This Vaseline has a difference, it retains the moisture of the skin well, not allowing it to evaporate. If you returned home after the procedure of quantum hair removal or the withdrawal of tattoos, such places are well spread with petroleum jelly. Cosmetic Vaseline is used for better penetration with massage.

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