5 tips to lose abdominal fat

lose abdominal fat

To lose fat in the belly, it is recommended to have a healthy diet and do physical activity on a regular basis, so that it is possible to burn accumulated fat, improve the cardiovascular system and increase metabolism, making the body spend more energy during the day and at night, which favors the loss of … Read more

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is a discipline that studies the Possibilities of using the the living Organisms, Their Systems or Their metabolic products to the solve Technological Problems view, as with the a well as with the the Possibility of Creating Company the living Organisms with the Necessary properties by Means of Genetic engineering . Biotechnology is often … Read more

Nature Studies (Grade 5) / How the ancients imagined the universe

You probably have heard the word “Universe” more than once. What it is? This word usually means outer space and everything that fills it: cosmic, or celestial, bodies, gas, dust. In other words, this is the whole world. Our planet is a part of the immense Universe, one of countless celestial bodies. For thousands of … Read more

Biography of Yoram Moses

Yoram Moses ( born January 3, 1957.) – Israeli scientist in the field of distributed systems specialist, winner of international awards. Biography Yoram Mozes was born in 1957 in Afula . In 1981 he graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem , receiving a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, in 1986 under the leadership of Joseph … Read more