How does automated forex trading work?

automated forex trading

Forex traders and investors can customize the entrance, exit and rules of money management in automated forex trading systems that allow computers to execute and monitor transactions. One of the biggest advantages of an automation strategy is that it can eliminate any negative and destructive emotions from the trade, because deals that meet certain criteria … Read more

EURUSD Technical Chart | 30-May-2018

EURUSD technical chart

Below is the technical chart of EURUSD currency pair on H4 time frame. For a change, this time, I’ve used Alligator technical indicator. EURUSD Technical Chart As you can see, the price closes below Alligator’s Lips i.e. Green line and EURUSD started its downtrend again. Now, let us see the same chart using Doda Donchian, Doda-Bollinger Bands, Ichimoku and ADX … Read more

Is it possible to earn money on Forex?

How much you can earn in the Forex market – the main question for those who are just mastering trading. There are no exact answers to it. Everything depends on the circumstances: market conditions, trader’s skill, deposit size, analysis accuracy and many other factors. Let’s understand. How much do they usually earn on Forex traders? … Read more

Alligator Indicator Tutorial with Images

Tutorial on Alligator Indicator, Calculation of Alligator Indicator, Description of Alligator Indicator, How to use Alligator indicator, Disadvantages of Alligator Indicator