Ayurvedic causes of Asthama and Hiccup

Asthama and Hiccup – both the diseases have a common pathogenesis and generally have common line of treatment. They originate from the site of pitta i.e. stomach and caused by the aggravation of kapha and vayu. They adversely affect the cardiac region and all the 7 categories of tissue elements like rasa, mansa, meda etc.

Now, let’s learn the causes of Asthama and Hiccup as per Ayurveda:

  • Exposure to dust, smoke and wind
  • Residing in a cold place and use of cold water
  • Exercise, sexual intercourse and long walk beyond one’s capacity
  • Habitual intake of ununctuous food
  • Intake of food, deficient or excessive in quantity and before or long after the meal time.
  • Different types of obstruction to the channels of circulation
  • Injury to throat and chest
  • Intake or curd and unboiled milk
  • Intake of the meat of aquatic and marshy animals and birds
  • Habitual intake of Black-gram, oil-cake and sesame oil
  • Excessive administration of elimination therapies
  • Fasting in excess
  • Use of mutually contradictory ingredients
  • Dryness of the body
  • Constipation associated with flatulence
  • Vitiation by ama (product of improper digestion and metabolism).

We’ll discuss its treatment in another article.

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