How to block Internet Banking of Punjab National Bank?

If you’re looking at how to block Internet Banking of Punjab National Bank, you’re at right place. This article will give you complete guide to block Internet Banking of Punjab National Bank (PNB).

Internet banking is very useful feature of the bank and in recent years, it has become a part of our banking life. One can do lot of tasks via internet banking instead of visiting bank branch. Like ordering a new cheque book, getting statement of account, making stop payment of cheque, bill payments and lots more.

But sometimes, in-spite of following all preventive measures of security like https, antivirus, safe browser, etc., hackers can step into your online internet banking account. In that case, you MUST disable your internet banking credentials immediately.

One way to do so is to visit the branch and second way is to do it yourself just by sending one SMS.

Punjab National Bank has introduced facility of Blocking of Internet Banking & Mobile banking passwords through SMS when not in use.

Facility named “Sleep Easy” enables customer to disable the transaction password by sending SMS to 5607040 or 9264092640 from registered mobile number in the following formats-.

SMS format to Block Internet Banking Transaction password-
BLOCK IBS User-ID (Example- BLOCK IBS ABC111111).

SMS format to Block Mobile Banking Transaction password-
BLOCK MBS User-ID (Example- BLOCK MBS ABC111111)

After receipt of the SMS at IBS/MBS server, IBS or MBS Transaction password would be got disabled & customer would receive information about disabling of transaction password through SMS, alogwith the process for enabling the same.

Disabled password can be re-enabled (same password will be enabled again) at a single click, as per the procedure received in SMS.

You can contact customer care department of PNB from here.

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