Biography of Yoram Moses

Yoram Moses ( born January 3, 1957.) – Israeli scientist in the field of distributed systems specialist, winner of international awards.




Yoram Mozes was born in 1957 in Afula . In 1981 he graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem , receiving a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, in 1986 under the leadership of Joseph Halpern he defended his thesis at Stanford University ( USA ) and received a doctorate degree in computer science. Since 1988 she has been teaching at Technion .


The international fame of Joram Moses brought a formal definition of the concept of “knowledge” in distributed environments. In 2003, he co-authored with Joseph Helpern, Ronald Fagin and Moshe Vardy, and wrote Reasoning About Knowledge.




1990 – Laureate of the Bergman Memorial Prize ( Inter-National Science Foundation of the United States and Israel ), together with Professor Yov Shoham for research on Knowledge Representation for Intelligent Agents

1990-1992 – scholar of the “ Alon program ”

1997 – Gödel Award for Theoretical Informatics

1999 – Henry Taub Award for Research Achievement

since 1999 – member of the International Society of Game Theory

2008 – The Best Scientific Work Award at the 9th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Computing Networks (ICDCN-2008, Calcutta , India )

2009 – Best Student Award (co-authored with Danny Dolev and Ezra N. Choch) at the 11th International Symposium on Stability, Reliability and Security in Distributed Systems (SSS-2009, Lyon , France ) [1] 2009 – Dijkstra Prize in Distributed Computing

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