How to Identify a Trojan and How to Eliminate it?

In Homer’s Iliad, the Greeks won the Trojan War by hiding in a large, hollowed-out wooden horse. They crept out at night and took over the fortified city of Troy. In today’s computer world, Trojan horses are no myth—they’re a grim reality for every computer user. A virus can be placed on or downloaded to … Read more

[Solved] BEX error on iexplore.exe

 Most likely there is an addon that is messing with IE. You can try this. 1.      Open IE2.      Switch to the Advanced tab.3.      Click the Reset Internet Explorer Settings button.4.      Click Reset to confirm the operation.5.      Click Close when the resetting process finished.6.      Uncheck Enable third-party browser extensions option in the Settings box.7.      Click Apply, … Read more

Tips for Virus Detection and Prevention

Do not open any files attached to an email from an unknown, suspicious or untrustworthy source. Do not open any files attached to an email unless you know what it is, even if it appears to come from a friend or someone you know. Some viruses can replicate themselves and spread through email. Confirm that … Read more

8 Tips on How to Protect Yourself Online

 Any time you connect to the Internet you are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers can steal your credit card numbers, tax records and passwords, or even completely disable your PC. Follow these tips to help avoid problems: Create smart and strong passwords. Use email wisely. Be smart when using instant messaging (IM) programs. Shop safely. … Read more

How to Use Parental Controls to Deter Cyberbullying

 Unfortunately, technological advancements that solve problems sometimes seem to create new ones as a result. As an example, take the Internet and the use of email, instant messaging, social networking web sites, and electronic bulletin boards. These are great tools for disseminating information and enhancing telecommunication. However, these great tools can also be abused with … Read more

How to Keep Children Safe in Online Chat Rooms

Children, especially teens, love to use chat rooms. They can be great places to meet other kids from across the country and around the world. However, chat rooms can also be dangerous places. Your children need to be aware that people in chat rooms are strangers, and may not be honest or always share their … Read more

How to remove Exploit-SWFRedirector.b virus?

Please use the following instructions for all supported versions of Windows to remove threats and other potential risks: 1.Disable System Restore . 2.Update to current engine and DAT files for detection and removal. 3.Run a complete system scan. Modifications made to the system Registry and/or INI files for the purposes of hooking system startup, will … Read more

Why it is Important to Protect Your Computer Against Viruses

The average personal computer owner must maintain it and protect it against viruses – just like the experts in large companies.  The tools to protect your computer are readily available, along with the necessary steps to maintain them properly. Companies like McAfee provide most of the protection required, but some of the responsibility rests with … Read more

Defending Against Malware and Trojan Horse Threats

Malware—software written to infect private computers and commit crimes such as fraud and identity theft—has become big business in the cyber underworld. As a result, if you use a computer for web surfing, shopping, banking, email, instant messaging, and gaming without proper protection, you are putting yourself at high risk of being victimized. By exploiting … Read more