Have remedies for the crisis really been effective?

remedies for the crisis

For more than three years now, the West has been in crisis. Faced with this, the political agents, agreeing rather little on the means, put in place different strategies to face it. Reform of the financial system, economic recovery, and now widespread rigor. Much praise and criticism from each party, however few objective findings. The … Read more

What is Quantitative Analysis?

quantitative analysis

Of course we know technical analysis, an empirical predictive method based on the observation of graphs. Otherwise, the more cultured ones also try out the fundamental analysis. Starting from a hypothetico-deductive reasoning on the economic data, they manage to elaborate a future scenario for a sector, and from there, can invest. Besides, there is however … Read more

Discretionary trading and automatic trading: which will it be right for the other?

automatic trading

Difficult to answer to this problem which animates many debates for several years. This is why we will support the different points of view in an objective way and thus be able to draw good conclusions. We all already have a subjective opinion on the issue, the supporters of automatic trading will tell us that … Read more

Forex Trading as a source of income

Forex Trading money

Trading is trading in the international Forex market with currencies. While the main participants of the foreign exchange market are banks, anyone can trade with the help of specialized financial companies – dealing centers of professional participants of the securities market, in particular – forex dealers. At the moment in Russia, forex trading is carried … Read more