Coronavirus And Its Possible Ayurvedic Remedies

Coronavirus name does not need any introduction now. Every human being knows it well and experienced it directly or indirectly (fear / lockdown etc.). So, let me skip directly to ayurveda remedies to cure Coronavirus.

Remember, Ayurveda classical textbooks like Charak-Samhita or Ashtanghridya or any other book did not specifically mentioned about this virus. But they did mentioned about pneumonia, breathing-problems, cold and cough and such symptoms in detail . Now, when I highlight the word “detail”, I mean they have taken care of all kinds of permutations and combinations of different types of infections.

The best thing is they had mentioned the remedies in clear manner. The medicines they have mentioned are easily available today from many different ayurvedic companies.

So, now let’s start with classical remedies:

Ayurvedic Remedies for Coronovirus

Mahalaxmi Vilas Ras (Gold)

The first and foremost medicine which I recommend is Mahalaxmi Vilas Ras (Gold). This single medicine on its own can easily cure any kind of cough, cold, pneumonia, and even asthama and like disease.

Other recommended medicines are Sitopaladi Churna, Praval Pishti, Abhrak Bhasma

So, the perfect combination of all the above mentioned medicines will be:

Dosage for Adults

Mahalaxmi Vilas Ras (Gold)125 mg
Sitopaladi Churna3 gm
Praval Pishti125 mg
Abhrak Bhasma125 mg

Mix and grind all of them manually in Mortar and Pestle (//kharal in Hindi). //Now, take the powder in some small bowl and finally, mix 1 tea spoon full (5gm) of Vasavaleha in the powder and mix them well for couple of minutes. Vasavaleha contains honey, so the final medicine will be little sweet in taste and is easy to take.

Your medicine is ready now.

Instructions for patient:

 * Take the medicine slowly and slowly. Don’t be hurry. You may take 2-3 minutes to complete the medicine.
* Now, take some lukewarm milk / tea / water just after this medicine.
* **Dose**: One has to take this medicine twice a day – i.e. one dose after breakfast and one dose after dinner.
* Do not take cold water. Always drink lukewarm water.
* Do not take curd, butter milk, ice-cream.
* Avoid chillies in food.
* Avoid food that is sour in taste or fried food.

**You will feel better health in just 24 hrs. **

Many reputed companies make the above mentioned medicines in perfect order as per the formula given in classical-books of ayurveda like Unjha pharmacy, Baidyanath, Shree Dhootapapeshwar etc. I’m not associated with any of these companies in any way. It’s upto you to choose any one of them. I trust these companies for the quality of medicines.

I’m sure the above mentioned combination of medicine can stop Coronovirus completely. I’ve not tested it on any Coronovirus patient but I’ve seen many patients of pneumonia, asthama and similar disease – which have taken this medicine and now are 100% healthy.

Still, you’ve doubt, you’re free to test in the way you like.

Why to waste the time in re-inventing the wheel, when you already have solution.

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