First aid kit of a tourist

The best first aid kit is the one that will not let you down on the road, and those with whom you are going. Accordingly, the best first aid kit is individual. Someone suffers from a headache, someone has heart problems, someone suffers from heartburn …

The list of health problems that travelers may encounter is impressive. But nevertheless there are groups of medicines that must necessarily be on their way. In each such group there are again a lot of specific drugs, often with the same active substance, but they can differ in price, in form of release. What to choose specifically from each group is up to the individual himself, based on personal preferences and material possibilities. Consider groups of pharmaceuticals, of which the first aid kit should be a tourist.


Medications of the first group, most likely, you will definitely need, even if you do not have any health problems – these are painkillers or for scientific non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. I bring this name so that you are better guided in the instructions to these drugs, since it will be indicated exactly it. With mild and moderate pain from this group, it is better to take them in the form of tablets. You can buy and put in a medicine chest Baralgin, Ketonal and other similar by action means. You will be pleased to consult in the pharmacy on this issue, and will help determine the choice. And you yourself decide whether it is worth overpaying for the packaging and advertising of the purchased medicine. It is quite possible to manage cheap Paracetamol. It often happens that every person on the basis of the trial and error method already has an effective, proven tool, then take it. After all, one person with mild pain, and cheap paracetamol helps, and the other and dear Nurofen as a dead poultice.

If your journey is associated with extreme tourism, then it is worth considering the need for a medicine chest stronger and faster-acting analgesics. As a rule, they are issued in the form of ampoules, this is the same Ketanov only in ampoules, Tramal. Before buying, you need to specify in the pharmacy whether these drugs are dispensed without a prescription, and if not, and you believe that they will definitely need you, consult a doctor for a prescription.

Spasmolytic, antipyretic agents, similar in their action to the first group, should also take their place in the medicine cabinet. But-Shpa, Drotaverin will help to cope with the pain caused by spasms. Aspirin (names of medicinal products0 – Uppsarin, Bayer) are effective at high temperature.


The next important group of drugs is anti-shock. On a trip, especially in exotic countries, anything can happen – the strongest allergy, various injuries, problems with breathing. In this case, put in the medicine cabinet Dexamethasone, Cordiamin. To use these drugs in the medicine cabinet should also be syringed.

Antipyretic (antidiarrhoeal) drugs are also needed in the medicine cabinet. In the evening, you decided to try the delicacies of local cuisine, and at night you can be taken by surprise such a nuisance as diarrhea. Cope with it can be quite easy, if you have on handImodium or cheaper, but no less effective Loperamide. But it is worth noting that sometimes this problem can be caused by more serious causes (infectious poisoning), and one Loperamide cannot cope here. Therefore, be careful of your health, if you do not feel relief within 1-2 days (depending on the severity of the symptoms), consult a doctor.

In case of a sudden attack of allergy, it is not superfluous to have antihistamines in the medicine cabinet. Try the delights of local cuisine – one of the main pleasures of a tourist. But this pleasure can turn not only diarrhea, but also an allergic reaction. Telfast, Claritin, Suprastin, Lamilan, Claratodine, Tavigil will relieve itching, irritation, redness, and swelling associated with allergies.


Another group of drugs is antibiotics. With them one must be especially cautious, since each of them is effective against a certain group of harmful microorganisms, and accordingly, may not act on others at all. Severe angina, intestinal disorder, cystitis – this is far from a complete list of diseases in which it is worth turning to the drugs of this group. Amoxicillin, Levomycetin, Ciprolet (Cyphran), Cefepime (Cefotaxime, Ceftriaxone) are relatively inexpensive agents with a wide spectrum of action. It is important, if you have already decided to take antibiotics, then do it strictly according to the instructions and in no way less in time than indicated there. One tablet of Paracetomal, of course, will help, but to take one pill, for example, Amoxicillin, is more than stupid. The course of treatment with even the most modern antibiotics of the last generation should be at least 3 days. An antibiotic like Doxycycline is useful for travelers who travel to countries with a high risk of contracting malaria.

Means against cold and its various symptoms can also come in handy on the road. It is naive to think that in a country with a hot climate it is difficult to catch a cold, it is quite possible. Symptoms, Teraflu, preparations against the common cold, Nazivin, from a sore throat, Geksoral will be useful here.


The next group of drugs is aimed at combating the consequences of such problems as burns, wounds, scratches, splinters – that is, for any skin damage. Rapid healing of burns promotes ointment “Rescuer” (Panthenol), small wounds, scratching – Actovegin. Miramistin (Chlorhexidine) will help disinfect your hands before handling the damages, the skin around them. Also it should be used for preventive purposes, so as not to catch any infection.

Naturally, also for the treatment of various skin lesions, it is not superfluous, and it will be very necessary to put bandages of various sizes (better to take bandages of medium width), cotton wool, plaster in different packs.

At the beginning and at the end of the journey, as a rule, means of motion sickness are irreplaceable. If you are crawling in traffic, then take along Drumina with you.

Now we list the important points of using the drugs of all groups that we have considered. Before use, you should carefully read the instructions, especially the contraindication point, do not throw it away, carefully examine the packaging for expiration dates and storage conditions. Naturally, they must be observed. From drugs that were stored without observing the conditions of storage, you can get more harm than good. It is also important to know what medicines you have allergies to.

If you take with you drugs that are subject to strict prescription leave, it is better to have a doctor’s prescription for him so that there are no unnecessary questions from the customs service, airport security, the railway station.

What to put in the medicine cabinet – it’s up to you. Of course, first of all you need to take care of the availability of sufficient stocks of those drugs that you take constantly. In principle, one drug from each of the listed groups will be taken by the same packing. As they say, who is forewarned is armed. Especially if you go to countries such as the United States, Israel, England, in which it is possible to buy except vitamins without a doctor’s prescription. And, of course, let’s hope that your journey will pass without trouble, which requires taking medications.

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