100 Successful Video Ideas for YouTube

Are you having trouble coming up with new ideas for your YouTube videos?

When you constantly create content for your YouTube channel, it is very common that at some point you run out of ideas.

Inspiring yourself is not always easy, that is why in this blog I share 100 ideas to create videos on YouTube. Many of these can be exploited in countless different content.

100 Successful Video Ideas for YouTube

1. Challenge (Food challenge, yoga challenge)

Get together with your group of friends and do the famous viral challenges …

  • Food Challenge : Cover your eyes and taste strange food, until you guess what it is.
  • Yoga Challenge : Imitate Yoga postures by yourself or do it as a couple.

2. Routines of the day

Record your entire daily routine, from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.

3. Tutorials

Teach your audience step by step how to do something, for example: Makeup, cooking recipes, crafts, art, etc.

4. Product review:

Opinions about products of a certain brand; makeup, clothing, electronics, stationery.

5. Have someone else narrate my video

Put your boyfriend, friends, mom or whoever you want to narrate a tutorial, it sounds fun!

6. Imitate Tumblr photos

Choose your favorite tumblr photos and prepare your best poses to imitate them.

7. Storytime

Tell a story that you have lived and that actually marked your life, it can be on any subject.

8. Tags

List keywords of a topic that interests you, such as: the song tag, the boyfriend’s tag, the supermarket tag.

9. Questions and answers

Ask your followers to send you the questions they want to know about you and record a video answering all their questions.

10. Reacting to my past photos or videos

Select photos from your past or the first videos you made and record all your reactions. You will surely be surprised and die laughing.

11. Musical recommendations

Make your top 10 favorite songs and share them with your audience.

12. Criticizing music videos

Choose the most famous videos and say everything you don’t like, destroy them!

13. What’s on my cell phone

Show your audience everything you have on your cell phone, apps, games, photos, even the messages from your ex….

14. Expectation vs. reality

This type of video is one of the funniest and most viral. Just pick the hottest photos on the internet and imitate them, but the joke is to add a lot of humor.

15. Tour of your office, room, house, study

Show your audience a favorite place in your home or where you work.

16. Dance battle

Create your own choreography by adding your own style and challenge your friends. Remember that you don’t have to be professional, just do it and have fun.

17. Lip sync

It is time to feel like a famous singer, choose your favorite song; sing and dance non-stop.

18. Training routine

Exercise from the gym or your home, motivate your audience to lead a healthier life.

19. Testing makeup

Make a makeup tutorial, showing your audience the products you are using, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

20. Personal improvement

Advise your audience on how to achieve their dreams and achieve being a successful person in all aspects of their life.

21. Travel

Record your entire trip, from the plane, sightseeing and food. Take your followers from your cell phone and have them live the experience with you.

22. Imitate the makeup of a famous

Choose the makeup that you like the most of any celebrity and challenge yourself to do exactly the same makeup.

23. Cooking recipes

Make delicious dishes step by step, of any type of food.

24. Mystery Videos

Investigate mysterious cases and share them with your audience, I assure you that you will leave them astonished and they will want to see more and more.

25. Seasonal looks

Immerse yourself in the world of fashion and put together the best outfits according to the season of the moment.

26. What do you prefer

Ask 10 extreme and fun questions on any topic. For example, what do you prefer, shave your head or throw your iPhone X from the roof of your house?

27. Imitating photos

Collect photos of your childhood, of your friends or they can also be photos of celebrities, imitate everything, even the scenery. I assure you that you will entertain your audience and even better you will have a good time laughing at your faces and poses.

28. Jokes

The jokes have always been funny, well, some. Just make sure they don’t get out of control.

29. Youtuber tag

Ask your followers to send you the questions they want, but all of them are related to the Youtubers of the moment. For example: Which YouTuber would you marry?

30. What is the probability?

This challenge is for couples and they must consider a daring activity. Establish limit numbers, for example from 1 to 10 and at the same time you have to say a number out loud if both of you repeat the same, the challenged player must complete the punishment or the activity.

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31. Tasting exotic food

Get organized to go to a market, exotic food restaurant or if it is easier for you to buy it and record the video from your home. Dare to try it, maybe it will become your favorite, you never know.

32. Cheap food vs. face

Tacos vs. Caviar Which one did you like the most? I think I can imagine your answer.

33. Before vs. now

Compare yourself to photos or videos from the past. Don’t be sorry, I think adolescence was not very good for many in terms of appearance, but what does it have? It’s great to see how you’ve changed over time.

34. Hacks for life

Share tricks that will make your life easier. For example: Turn old pants into a fashionable skirt.

35. Covering

If you can play an instrument or have a good voice, sing and do a thousand covers. Chance and you become the new queen of pop.

36. Radical look change

If you decide to make yourself a radical look, record the entire procedure and share it with all your followers.

37. Guess the song with emojis

Ask your friend to choose some songs and put emojis to describe it, obviously related to the song so that he can guess what it is.

38. Make up routine for parties, work, school, etc.

Makeup for the club is not the same as makeup for going to work. So don’t fall for this mistake. In this video you can teach your followers the makeup that goes according to each occasion.

39. Movie Review

Choose your top 10 movies. Share pros and cons of each movie.

40. How much does your outfit cost

Go out and ask who you want how much money they have invested in all their outfits.

41. Interview with other YouTubers

Get together with other Youtubers and discuss their experience on the platform and inspire others to dare to make videos.

42. 24 hours handcuffed

Spend a whole day handcuffed to the person you prefer.

43. Roast yourself

This challenge is about creating a song with all the criticism you receive from your followers.

44. Decoration… .room, office

Creative ideas to make your room or office look like you’ve always dreamed of it.

45. Extreme challenges (eating 100 tacos, tattoos, 24 hours in the pool)

Challenge your friends, they will have a fun time and your followers will love it.

  • Eat 50 tacos
  • Get a tattoo
  • 24 hrs. being parents
  • Eat strange things
  • Make a radical look change

46. Hairstyles

Create hairstyles for every type of occasion.

47. 5 minutes to grab all you want

Choose your favorite store and in 5 minutes you can grab everything you want. Do you accept the challenge?

48. Making slime

Teach your followers the step by step and all the materials that are used to make slime.

49. Android vs. IOS

Take photos with Android and IOS, compare them and decide which is better.

50. Copying the Instagram …

You imitate the photos of famous people on Instagram, you can do it for a few days or weeks.

51. Imitating youtubers intros

It is about making your own version of famous youtubers intros, you can give them a comic touch to make them more entertaining.

52. Testing internet tricks

You have to try weird internet tricks and show if they really work or not. For example, makeup tricks, beauty.

53. 50 things about me

When you are a little more known, you can do 25, 50 or 100 things about me. As it is already a very exploited idea, make sure that the format of your video is entertaining, funny.

54. Things to do when you are bored

Make a list of ideas for things to do when you are bored. You can go showing each of the activities that you recommend.

55. Do it yourself …

It teaches users to do something, it can be from a simple craft using recycled things, to more complex things, such as a furniture or organizer.

56. Outfits

It is about giving ideas to create outfits. They can be by categories: causal, office, formal, temporary, etc.

57. What do I carry in my backpack / bag / suitcase

You show what you normally carry in your backpack, bag or suitcase. For example to go to school, to work or when you go on a trip, what are the things that you always carry. You could say where you bought the things and how much they cost you.

58. Singing without listening to me

You can do it alone, with friends or collaborators. When it is in a group you can make several pieces of paper with random songs so that each person has to sing a different song.

59. Social experiments

It is about doing experiments with people to show what their reactions in certain situations. For example, what happens if a person sees when you drop money, will they return it or not, or how they react to an act of bullying.

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60. Interviews

Do interviews on topics that interest your audience, or people who are famous. For example, you could do an interview with a famous Youtuber.

61. Collaborations

Besides being a good idea to create videos, it can help you grow your channel. Collaborations can be done with youtubers that have to do with the topics you deal with. You could do anything from an interview to a video where both of you work together.

62. Invite a family member

You can make a video where your mom, dad, brother, boyfriend, etc. accompany you. For example a video of challenges, interviews, revealing secrets.

63. Look changes

You show different look changes depending on the occasion; casual, to go to a party, to sleep, etc.

64. Draws

If you want to invest a little money you can make a giveaway among your audience. You can raffle money, accessories, toys, etc. And you can do it through comments, asking questions, with hashtags, records, among others.

65. Nutrition tips

You give advice to your audience on how to eat healthier. Even if your channel is not about health or good nutrition, you can make these types of videos showing what you eat to stay healthy.

66. 24 hours somewhere (challenge)

The 24 hour challenge is to do something for a whole day. There are many such videos and it can really be about anything. For example: 24 hours pregnant, 24 hours being a dad.

67. My followers decide my day

If you already have quite a following, you could make your audience decide what they want you to do for a day. You do this through Instagram surveys, for example you can upload some photos of outfits and have them choose what you should wear.

68. Game play

If your audience is a fan of video games or your channel touches on topics of this type, making gameplays can be quite entertaining. In these videos you tell how you are playing and teach the users tricks or tips.

69. Haul

What is done in a video haul is to show the purchases you made and talk about each one in detail; where did you buy it, how much did it cost you, when do you use it, etc. For example haul of clothing sales, makeup, among others.

70. Taking photos in ugly places

It’s about taking parent photos in ugly places. You show the locations, the tours, the photo sessions and then the result.

71. Testing masks

You can try homemade masks, or from different brands and show the results to recommend or not to your audience.

72. Mexican food vs. food (…)

It is a challenge where you try different types of food and compare it, which is richer, healthier, rare, spicy, salty, etc.

73. Typical things of …

You can make videos about typical things of many things; typical things of siblings, school, work, moms, grandmothers, a youtuber. Doing it in a funny way will make them more entertaining.

74. Challenges in the street

There are countless challenges you can do on the street. For example dancing alone in the street, joking strangers, kissing the boy you like, etc.

75. Debates

You can make collaborations with other youtuber where they discuss things that interest your audience, they can range from gossip to more serious topics. Make sure they are entertaining.

76. Tasting foreign sweets

It’s about trying different sweets that are rare in your country and showing your reactions. Say whether they are rich or not.

77. Showing my childhood toys

It is usually very entertaining because many people identify with some toys. For example, if your childhood was in the 80s, 90s, it will be interesting to see what toys you had.

78. Imitating photos of my childhood

It’s about recreating photos from when you were a child. You can do it with your siblings, or some family members to make it more interactive.

79. Conspiracy theories of celebrities / movies / series

You can make videos about tons of conspiracy theories; about actors, youtubers, movies, series, books, etc. These types of videos are very popular because people tend to like this type of content a lot.

80. Things you can do with your pet

You give ideas, advice on what to do with something or someone. For example, with your dog, cat, cell phone, brother, boyfriend, etc.

81. Tour of my country, my city, colony

People love to know new places, if you have an audience that lives in different states or countries, it will be very interesting to know more about the places that you frequent, or that are famous in your neighborhood / city / country.

82. Imitating famous videos

It’s like imitating photos from Instagram or Tumblr, but now with video. You recreate viral videos that are funny or that are very famous.

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83. Guess the age of famous people

There are videos where they only put the image of the famous and give you some time to guess their age, but it would be better if you interact with either a collaborator, friend, family member, etc. to make it more entertaining.

84. If_____lose (you laugh, cry, get angry)

They are challenges or jokes where the condition is that if you laugh, cry or get angry, you lose. For example, they can be challenges from eating itchy, disgusting things, playing with touch boxes, or telling jokes, etc.

85. Visiting abandoned places

It is about going to explore strange, scary, or abandoned places. In addition to showing the place, you can talk a bit about its history, for example if it is an abandoned hospital, tell what year it is, or tell horror legends.

86. Phone jokes

You can make jokes on the phone to other youtubers, strangers, pizzerias, pharmacies, etc.

87. Eating spicy things

It is a challenge where you eat spicy things to measure the level of itching or to know how much you can hold. For example: the 9 hottest chili peppers in Mexico. You can give rewards or do punishments.

88. Home experiments

It is about making videos where you teach your audience to do interesting experiments or things that can be useful to them, with elements that we normally have at home. For example: tricks with smoke and water, tricks with matches, making a homemade lamp, etc.

89. Tips for dating

You give tips to attract the person you like.

90. Trends

They are videos that are fashionable, you can take advantage of something that is on the top of social networks and make a video about it. For example, a challenge, but make sure they are related to the theme of your channel.

91. Tips to improve your English

You give advice to learn English, this is an idea but you can do it on many things. For example, tips to concentrate, to study, to read faster, etc.

92. Reading comments from my haters

Something that many youtubers do is read the comments of their haters. Doing it funny will help make it more entertaining.

93. What I received vs what I asked for

In this type of video you compare things you buy according to what you ordered (as it was seen on the internet) and what you received (as it really is). You can do it with clothes, makeup, shoes, etc.

94. Things you shouldn’t Google

It is about saying some terms that you should not google because they are weird, gross, or because they can cause an ugly or strange feeling. They are usually popular because people are usually very curious.

95. My collection of …

You can make countless videos about my collection of… toys, makeup, clothes, shoes, etc. The joke is that they are things that may interest your audience.

96. Make up with me

You give tips to get ready. How to do your hair, make up, dress up You are supposed to be interacting with the audience and showing how it should be done.

97. Shopping in a market, super… in different cities (how much does it cost)

If you like going out to the street to record, you could make a video buying things in different places; supermarket, market, tianguis. For example, shopping in a Chinese market, shopping at the Tepito flea market, etc. The joke is that you say how much it costs and that the things you buy are interesting.

98. A week eating for 20 pesos a day

You can make any video where the challenge is to do it for a week: eating with 20 pesos, being vegan, eating pizza, etc.

99. Funny video clip

It’s about imitating music videos but in a funny way. You recreate the choreographies or the performances, you can make collaborations or get together with friends to do it.

100. Imitating memes

What you should do is imitate famous memes, the goal is to make your audience laugh, try to make it as entertaining as possible.

One piece of advice I can give you so that you never run out of ideas is that you know your audience well, knowing what they like and are interested in will make it easier for you to create content that works.

I also recommend categorizing your videos by type, for example: tutorials, challenges, reviews, etc. Each category has an infinite number of possible videos so it will be more difficult for you to run out of ideas.

AND when you create your YouTube channel, don’t forget to monetize it and earn money. Check our article on how to make money on YouTube.

Tell us in the comments if you used any of these ideas or if you came up with others ??

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