How to save on living on your own travel

Traveling independently and making a booking of accommodation it is important not to make a mistake with the place and pay a really interesting price. Let’s consider all variants of convenient booking of residing through services of the Internet, in a heading make itself a trip.

Correct Price

Book a room in the hotel help a lot of services, most are already in Russian. If you do not have too much experience of booking hotels on the Internet, use, reasonable cost, user-friendly interface. Printouts of booking confirmation are accepted by visa services. A wide range of hotels in Southeast Asia offers There are many similar search engines in the hotel, so many that it’s not interesting to talk about it.


Can I manage to book a hotel cheaper than offering booking, agoda or expedia? This became possible with the advent of the aggregator of hotel reservation providers in the Internet Each provider has weak and strong points, in some countries, chains, hotels, contract prices are higher, in some lower. took the hard work to compare all at once, without compromising on the convenience of searching and navigating.

For each city, you can choose a hotel by category, cost, recommendations, rank them in the desired sequence and see the price of all providers immediately. And then book the hotel at the most affordable price. The savings can be very decent. The downside is that the service has not yet wrapped up the whole world with its care, but Europe and something else is already ready. Convenient, useful and profitable, bravo, Oyster (ouster)!

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Even cheaper

What’s the first thing that comes to mind, cheaper than a hotel room? Of course an apartment! Independently to rent apartments, an apartment or a cottage, anywhere in the world, the convenient international service will help. The cost is less, minus cleaning and service, but plus a kitchen, a larger area and coziness. Very good! Similar services,

Hostel, it is usually in the center and cheaper than the hotel – service for those who are willing to sacrifice the comfort of the hotel in favor of the hostel. It’s cheap, it’s clean, it’s usually conveniently located. For young people this is an opportunity to be in their midst, hang out and get acquainted. Live in the center of the city, in a good international company, to pay a top ten euros for a place, great!

Camping is quite comfortable

If you go to Europe by car or independently travel on two wheels, maybe you will be comfortable with tent service. In the camping you can come with your tent or stay in a camping tent. Typically, the campsites have a kitchen, at least – a shower and toilet. Some campsites stand on the shore of water bodies and have a beach. Some have swimming pools. European campsites are usually very comfortable, you can search for them on This service gives detailed information about 9800 campsites in 30 countries, maps, prices, detailed description, photos. Great!

Even cheaper? Of course! service. Using this service you can live in Europe literally for 3-5 euros per day. The site hosts homeowners profiles who will friendly allow the tent to be placed on their territory and will allow using the amenities of the house. Also on the site there are very cheap summer houses, located on the territory of private possessions. The advantages of this service, in that you can travel on public transport, unlike camping, “put a tent in my garden” offers to stay in a city where you can easily reach by public transport. Sumptuously!

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Is free? Yes!

And can you travel for free yourself? Can! CouchSurfing – Register and go for free. On this service, the rooms are exchanged at a favorable rate for interesting conversations. If you can support a conversation in the language, you are interested to see closely how ordinary foreigners live, do not delay! Another couple of similar services and

Another option for free-living abroad. and – the exchange of houses and apartments, as in the movie “Holiday on Exchange.” If you have a one-year-old in Vykhino and want to go to Miami, register, invite and go on vacation.

And one more option is to put a tent free in a city park or in another suitable place.

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