How to Access any Blocked Site

Sometimes it happens that access to some sites is blocked. For example, this is often found in businesses where employers block access to social networks and other entertainment sites so that employees do not get distracted from their work. Block sites in schools, so that students do not use entertainment sites.

In this article, we’ll look at how to access a blocked site without too much effort.

Method 1: Visiting a blocked site using Google Translate

Google provides all users with a free service – online translator ( This service translates not only text but also fully web pages.

To translate a website it is enough to copy its address into the field for translation and click on the “transfer” button. After such actions in another field on the right side, the translated web page will be loaded.

Access to Google resources in most cases is not blocked, which allows using this feature of the translator from Google. Thus, through an interpreter, you can access blocked web resources.

Simply enter the address of the blocked site in the left window of the translator and click the “Translate” button. On the right side of the page, you need to click on the link to the site. After downloading the site with it, you can work, as usual, switching to all links and other pages on the site.

Method number 2. Enter the site using anonymizers.

Anonymizers are sites that allow you to surreptitiously view other sites and act as an intermediary between the user and the end site. In general, this option is very similar to the previous method.

In order to access the blocked site, you must first visit the site of the anonymizer. In a special line, enter the address of the desired site and click on “Go.” After that, load the necessary page.

You can select the most popular anonymizers:

Method # 3: View blocked sites using the cache of search engines

Search engines save the cache of the version of the indexed pages. This feature allows you to access restricted sites.

You need to enter a search query that will lead us to the page you need. Then, in the search engine, you need to open the saved cache. In Google, this function has the name “Saved copy”, and in the search engine Yandex is “Copy”.

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