How to buy cheap airline tickets: important tips and tricks

Regardless of whether you are going on a long trip or on a business trip somewhere, the cost of airplane tickets often makes up the lion’s share of the costs of the entire trip. Many people are convinced that buying cheap air tickets is unrealistic and, unfortunately, such opinions completely discourage the majority of them from wanting to visit distant countries or simply to make long flights. However, to acquire a treasured place on board an airplane at a surprisingly affordable price is more than real and without loss of comfort and comfort. And about what needs to be done, read on.

Search services

One of the most reliable ways to find and purchase tickets for a plane at a cheap price is to use aggregators or search engines for low-cost air tickets. Their principle of work is that among the hundreds of different airlines and all the famous agencies at your discretion are offered the most favorable offers for prices.

The fact is that if you use Google and Yandex alone, using queries like “buy cheap air tickets”, or you buy tickets at ordinary ticket offices, then really good deals on flights will always bypass you.

The use of such services makes 85-90% of your success in the purchase of cheap air tickets, however, to get the maximum effect and the most profitable offers, you must use the aggregator capabilities to 100%.

Price comparison

So, even if you found a very attractive offer within a few minutes, do not rush to use it immediately. First of all, compare it with other similar results from other aggregators. That is, you need to choose 3-4 most suitable services for the purchase of cheap tickets, which were described earlier, compare the search results for each of them and only after that stop at a specific solution. So, sometimes the difference in price can be from 2 to 8%.

Also worth mentioning is the curious function that Skyscanner offers. So, if you do not have specific plans for a flight anywhere, but want to relax quickly and cheaply, then an extended or free flight search will help you in this very much. Curiously, in the fields of countries, certain cities and airports, you can write both clear data, and uncertain.

For example, in the column “From where” you can specify your country completely, whether it be Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, etc. At the same time you will get information about all the airports of the country, more precisely about the most favorable prices.

In the field “Where” you can specify “Everywhere” or simply leave this field blank, and then the system will search for the most affordable options for flights to all countries of the world. As for the fields with the dates of departure and return, you can immediately choose “All Month” or “All Year”.

Thus, you can easily find the most favorable conditions for flights to foreign countries, buy cheap air tickets and not only.

Subscription to profitable offers

Many more cheap flight search aggregators offer an email subscription that allows you to “catch” the most profitable offers when the price of a flight for any flight is reduced for certain reasons. The advantage is that you do not need to check the prices for flights on a daily basis. Thanks to the subscription, the system will inform you about the most beneficial offers by letter to the electronic box.

Mobile applications

It’s also a very good idea to download and install the mobile aggregator application on your smartphone. For example, the same Aviasells offers a convenient and debugged program for Android and iPhone. Links to download mobile applications you can find on the sites themselves search engine tickets. Curiously, according to statistics, more than half of all ticket orders are issued from mobile devices.

The right time to buy

It is important to note that you need to buy cheap air tickets on time, as the prices for the whole year will not remain the same. Therefore, as soon as you have the opportunity to purchase a plane ticket at a bargain price, it is better to immediately use it.

Also, it should be noted and the following periods when buying tickets is cheaper.

12 months before the planned trip.
Two or three months before the flight.
A few days before the departure of the aircraft.

True, these recommendations are more trends that should be noted, but not perceived as an iron rule. And the last option for buying tickets is the most risky.

Now you know how to buy cheap air tickets correctly, what you need to do for this, and what important nuances you should take into account. Be sure to use these recommendations in practice, and then flights to anywhere will be much easier for you and much more affordable than you might think first.

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