How to Germinate Grains and Seeds

The most popular grain for germination is wheat. To grow wheat is very simple. It is necessary to sort out the grain, remove the debris and pieces of straw, rinse and pour water overnight. In the morning you need to wash the seeds and put them on a plate, you can cover with linen cloth. The next day you have a very tasty and healthy dish for dinner.

The taste and quality of the germinated grains will depend on the variety of wheat. To find something that you like, you can buy for testing several types of wheat.

Very useful are seedlings of lentils. They contain forms of iron, which are very easily absorbed by our body and help maintain a good level of hemoglobin and hemopoiesis. Even in them, there is a lot of vitamin C, there is potassium, therefore they are recommended for atherosclerosis and heart diseases.

Still, seedlings of lentils promote normal metabolism and good work of the nervous system, also promote digestion and even cure stomach ulcers.

Lentils are of two types: green and orange. It is easier to germinate than wheat. It should be washed very carefully, then soak overnight in water, and rinse in the morning and leave for 3 hours without water. And all – lentil seedlings are ready.

Buckwheat sprouts are also very useful. Only need to take the grain of green buckwheat, and not fried. They strengthen the vessels, help purify the intestines, heal ulcers in the stomach. And also normalize the metabolism, remove toxins from the body and cholesterol.

Buckwheat sprouts germinate very quickly. The seeds need to be sorted, rinsed and poured with water for 4 hours. After another wash and leave without water for a few more hours.

Sprouted seeds, such as sesame seeds, flax, sunflower and pumpkin are also very useful.

Seeds of sesame seeds strengthen the spirit and prolong life. They contain vitamins C and E, amino acids, calcium and zinc.

Sprouted flax seeds are used as a medicine, and they use both seeds and mucus, which is obtained during soaking. Flax seeds are useful in diseases of the stomach and intestines. Raw meatmen and vegetarians love them for their Omega 3 acid content.

Sunflower seeds contain fatty polyunsaturated acids, which prolong the youth of the body. Also, sunflower seeds are used to prevent heart attacks and atherosclerosis.

Pumpkin seeds perfectly cope with helminths, they have a lot of zinc, they also improve digestion and heal the intestinal microflora. Seeds are grown as well as buckwheat grains.
Well, the most important recommendation is to grow sprouts with love, like living things, and they will give you a lot of energy and energy!