How to get pregnant fast and easy

Are you considering getting pregnant quickly and easily, and want to try everything so that it does not take many months or have to undergo complicated treatments? You should know that there are no magic formulas to get pregnant in a short time and without any problem, but, if you are a couple predisposed to conceiving without many obstacles, there are different ways to try.


How to get pregnant quickly?


Ogino's method can be very helpful. This traditional method is better known to most people as an ineffective contraceptive, but the truth is that it is a great way for a woman to know when in her menstrual cycle she is and, therefore, **on which days of the month is more fertile. **


Living a healthy lifestyle can help. Many women who wonder how to get pregnant quickly and easily have unhealthy lifestyle habits. Poor diet, the consumption of alcohol or tobacco, or the current fast pace of life are just some of the practices that should be avoided when looking for a baby. Stress and general malaise drastically reduce the chances of getting pregnant.


It is important to eat a balanced diet. It is very common for a woman with too low weight to have difficulties when conceiving. Although being overweight is not good either. We must try to maintain a weight in accordance with our physical characteristics. Otherwise, when a woman is not physically well, her body instinctively shields itself from the possibility of engendering a life that it is not in optimal condition to support.


Avoid stressful situations. If you already have another child and you are having a hard time getting pregnant with the second one, ask yourself if you are going through a particularly stressful situation, such as an upset in the family, a job change or a difficult situation related to your child, such as nocturnal enuresis, continuous tantrums, some disease.


Try to have sex often so that you don't miss any chance of getting pregnant. After finishing the act, it is advisable to lie down for a while and not immediately go out to play sports, shower or go to the bathroom.


Tricks to get pregnant


How to get pregnant? What is the best method to conceive? If you are looking for a baby and you can't stop dreaming about pregnancy, we offer you the help you need. However, it must be borne in mind that there are many myths related to conception, shared by many aspiring moms, many of them related to hygienic and nutritional practices. What is true in them?


First, clear up the myths


1. The ideal sexual position to get pregnant is the classic one, that of the "missionary".


According to some experts, to conceive, there are some more beneficial sexual positions than others. However, it is true that nature has provided sperm with a locomotor system, which allows its ascent through the uterine cavity at an average speed of 2-3 millimeters per minute, regardless of the force of gravity. It is also natural that much of the semen is expelled after sexual intercourse. It is enough to think that, of around 100-150 million sperm that are deposited inside the vagina, only a hundred manage to reach the oocyte, if the ovulation period is propitious.


2. Before having sexual intercourse, you must wash with a solution of water and bicarbonate, which alkalizes the environment of the vagina, which favors the survival of the sperm.


The vaginal environment is physiologically acidic and this characteristic has a specific protective function, because it inhibits the proliferation of pathogenic organisms. It would be very rare if, after millions of years of evolution and natural selection, a process essential for the survival of our species, such as reproduction, requires non-physiological conditions. Therefore, it is not true that an alkaline environment favors the survival of sperm. Washing with water and bicarbonate, in addition to being useless to promote conception , is a dangerous practice, because it reduces the body's defenses against potentially harmful genital infections for female fertility.


3. It is better to avoid having intercourse every day and to separate them one or two days, to allow time for the sperm to mature.


It is true that the concentration of sperm in seminal fluid decreases if sexual intercourse is very frequent, if it occurs every day or several times a day. However, setting certain cadences for sexual intercourse or limiting them to certain fertile days can be counterproductive. The couple may become distressed and this could compromise the desired conception.


4. Grapefruit juice, green tea, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds are some foods that promote female fertility.


There is no food that promotes conception. It is true that obesity and extreme thinness can hinder conception, so it is advisable for the aspiring mother to adopt a varied and balanced diet , avoiding excessive consumption of meat and saturated fats, as well as tobacco and abuse alcohol, because a healthy body is more likely to conceive and successfully carry a pregnancy to term.


5. Maca root ( Lepidium meyenii ), a plant of South American origin, has the power to regulate the ovulation cycle and to stimulate man's sperm. If both members of the couple take it, it can promote conception.


There are many plants to which, throughout human history, the power to inhibit or promote conception has been attributed. They all have one common characteristic: their alleged power has never been proven by clinical studies. It is also the case of this South American root. Therefore, before taking any product of this type, you should consult with the gynecologist.


Tips for getting pregnant


From the moment you start looking for pregnancy, you must take into account a series of habits that you can include in your day to day in order to lead a healthy lifestyle that facilitates conception. These guidelines to implement in daily life do not affect only you, but also your partner , since it is important that both of you lead a balanced life to achieve conception more easily.


How to get pregnant fast and easy


Contraceptives and nutrition, two basic aspects


Stopping contraceptives and analyzing the type of diet that you and your partner follow are the first two aspects to take into account when looking for a baby.


- Discontinue the use of contraceptives. It is the first step to take to achieve pregnancy. However, not all contraceptives are the same. Some methods, such as the male or female condom and the diaphragm, allow you to start trying to get pregnant right out of the box. On the other hand, with other methods, such as the pill or contraceptive injections, you may need more time because when you stop, menstrual cycles usually take longer to regularize and return to normal. In these cases, it is advisable to stop contraception a couple of months before seeking pregnancy.


- Follow a balanced and healthy diet. Nutrition is a fundamental aspect of every future mother, since if you follow a healthy diet before becoming pregnant, the body will have all the necessary nutrients to help the baby's development from the day of conception onwards.


A healthy diet involves eating regularly and balanced, avoiding processed foods, and eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. It is also important to eat proteins, carbohydrates, milk and dairy products and fats that are considered good (from plant sources and fish such as salmon).


Most couples trying to conceive focus exclusively on increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse, especially when the woman is in her fertile days. However, many of these couples overlook that health is also critical to achieving pregnancy. Numerous epidemiological studies have shown that maintaining inappropriate lifestyle habits, both in the case of men and women, decreases fertility.


Therefore, it is important that if you are looking for a baby:

  • Regulate your body weight
  • Give up cigarettes and alcohol
  • Get enough sleep
  • Bet on a healthy and balanced diet, in which vegetables and fruits are the protagonists
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners, trans fats, and simple carbohydrates
  • Regulate stress levels
  • Do moderate intensity physical activity
  • Limit milk intake as it has been found to be detrimental to sperm health
  • Avoid lubricants because they hinder the mobility of sperm 


If you know other tips and want to share how to get pregnant quickly and easily with other women who are looking for the baby, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Many women will thank you!


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