How to get rid of bed bugs

The bed bugs are small insects from 4-5 mm reddish blood feeding. In different countries, they had ceased to be a problem but have reappeared due to climate change, so much so that it is one of the most widespread pests on the Peninsula. Hostels, hotels, hospitals or geriatric residences are some of the places where the incidence of bed bugs has increased. Today let us discuss how to get rid of bed bugs.

Bed bugs can go more than a year without eating

If the temperature conditions are not extreme, these critters are very resistant, to hunger and also to temperature. In other countries, bed bugs have been found in camps or places that have been unoccupied for more than 1 year, the bugs had no food and many of them had survived.

These insects were practically eradicated in Spain, however, since 2014 they began to spread in that country. They arrived hidden in suitcases and merchandise from other countries.

How do you know if you have bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small flat, reddish-brown insects size between 4-5 millimeters, they are known to hide between the seams of the mattress, bedding or in crevices near beds. They are not easy to find but if you inspect the mattress and bedding using a magnifying glass and a flashlight, if they are 'there' you will most likely detect them.

The first sign is bites , if you usually wake up in the morning with bites it can be a warning sign, but beware that these bites are not from mosquitoes for example!

The bites can be confused. There is usually not just one but several around, a reddish rash appears and it can also cause swelling and itching in the area.

They tend to leave traces of skins as they shed their skins as they grow.

After feeding, the bed bugs return to their shelters and when defecating they leave black or brown spots, this can be a 'clue' to know where they hide.

Steps to eliminate bed bugs

Conventional insecticides are not worth it , since they will disperse some adults but not the eggs . Taking into account these insects lay between 200-500 eggs, eradicating them is not an easy task. There are some remedies that can be effective to eliminate them:

Use the vacuum cleaner thoroughly

A powerful vacuum cleaner can be an ally in eliminating bed bugs. Use duct tape of some color to divide the bed into three or four sections. Make a drawing or sketch and see marking the areas where you have passed the vacuum cleaner. In this way, it will be easier for you not to leave areas unchecked. Use the vacuum cleaner for all the corners of the mattress , do not leave an inch without checking. This way you can even remove the eggs.

Hot steam

One of the most effective techniques that professional companies often use. These insects die when exposed to temperatures above 60 degrees. Steam is an effective method to eliminate bed bugs and eggs, and it is also ecological. The steam can also penetrate small crevices where these insects hide. If you have a steam cleaner at home without hesitation, use it to kill them ! Wash bedding in the washing machine on a very hot 90 degree program, this will help you eliminate them if any are still between the sheets .


From steam to cold. A these insects can also eliminate them with cold but is more difficult , requiring temperatures of -17° C for at least two hours. This can be used for small items that once washed you can put in a freezer like cushions or sheets. The mattress cannot be disinfected with this method, if you take it out in the open with -17 degrees it will freeze, in the end it is better to use other methods.

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