How to Get Rid of Moths Forever?

From time to time, you notice that small insects flutter in your apartment, or rather you have a mole. This grieves the owners of expensive coats. When running around the room and clap on these insects, this will give little benefit, because males flutter, which generally does not eat much, and females in the meantime lay new eggs, only imagine – up to three hundred pieces each. Scientists have calculated that in one year four generations of moths are born, and if the testicles are all preserved and there are larvae from them, they will eat up to 30 kg of wool and other organic matter, and they also tried synthetic fibers. When you notice the dark gray butterflies, then it’s worth checking your leather jacket, probably it’s they who got drunk.

A female moth lays its eggs wherever it is horrible and far away, so larvae cannot find food and do not develop. But not all varieties of moths are so negligently related to offspring, they are looking for places where their insects will be able to feed themselves. Their attention is attracted by the smell of stale clothes, sweat, so you can often see how they first eat holes in places where there were spots before. To prevent the attack of this midwife, keep clean and well-ironed clothing.

Sweaters, jackets, jersey put in plastic bags because they are difficult to lay eggs. These rules do not apply to fur garments, because they need free air access. When packaging clothes in newspapers, it’s better to let them be fresh because the moth is afraid of the smell of printing ink. Wear the fur coat in a case of thick paper, and put the anti-moth remedy inside.

Environmental mole remedies are camphor, cedarwood, hop leaves, tobacco, smashing cigarettes are put in closets. Fresh orange and tangerine skins also frighten off such insects. You can also buy a coleus – a houseplant whose leaves do not like moth. The smell of geranium mole does not tolerate. You can sew small bags, where to put dried lavender, oregano, cloves, mint.

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