How to lose weight after child birth – useful tips for young mothers

How to lose weight after child birth – useful tips for young mothers

Every young woman seeks to lose weight after giving birth or at least to regain her former weight at least as soon as possible. A simple and clear goal may encounter many obstacles in its achievement. Caring for a child does not leave time for themselves, so moms often can not quicklylose weight. Some continue to gain weight during the first year after childbirth. This is one of the most relevant topics for young mothers, almost daily discussed in children’s playgrounds. There are several proven, effective and simple recommendations.

Why does a woman recover after giving birth?

With the problem of overweight after the birth of a baby, most women face. Even those who before pregnancy did not complain of the propensity to fullness and slow metabolism, after childbirth notice that with the same food system and the volume of food, not only can not regain the former weight, but also recruit it.

How to lose weight after child birth?

This is the main issue of interest to young mothers. To give an answer to it, you need to understand the cause of the increase in fatty deposits. For such a slowdown in metabolism, the hormonal changes that occurred during pregnancy are responsible. In addition, fluid retention in the body is possible.

Increasingly, the cause of weight gain is a complete immersion in caring for a child. During lactation, and also after it, the weight of a healthy woman should not increase. On the contrary, by the end of the first year after childbirth, the mother must recover and regain prenatal weight. After all, 90% of those who gave birth, who did not return to their former weight for a little more than a year, never return to it.

How to lose weight after child birth? Where to begin?

Be patient! Postnatal weight loss should not be rapid. Pregnancy is a huge stress for the body, associated with a change in the hormonal background, a lack of vitamins, a decrease in physical activity. It is important to know that a normal weight loss after childbirth is a gradual natural decrease in body weight by about 200-400 grams per week. If natural weight loss occurs faster, it is quite possible that the body is depleted of stress, malnutrition and hormonal imbalance. The hormonal background is fully restored only two years after childbirth.

Weight loss is better to start with a gradual increase in the amount of tonic exercise, walking, normalize sleep, add massage and water procedures. Only after this, you can begin to gradually limit the food. In this case, you must carefully listen to your body. If side effects appear in the form of weakness, irritability, headache, dizziness, chilliness, then the restrictions are too hard. In this case, you must immediately expand the diet.

To lose weight after childbirth – breastfeed!

For the well-being of the baby and the well-being of the mother during breastfeeding, doctors are strongly advised to refrain from hard methods of weight loss – fasting, strict and fast diets, tablets, liposuction and others. During breastfeeding, you must follow a diet that helps to adjust the correct functioning of the baby’s stomach.

These are light soups on broth, boiled fish and meat, eggs, cereals, dairy products – this is the healthy diet of a nursing mother. The main advice is not to eat “for two”. The child will receive all the necessary nutrients from the same fat stores that were formed in the mother during pregnancy. Long breastfeeding contributes to the disappearance of excess weight.

Walk more

Many mothers are lazy to walk on foot and are limited to so-called walks on the balcony. Walking with a stroller is not only good for the baby, but also an extra opportunity to get involved in the figure. With the baby it is recommended to walk twice a day, for 2-3 hours. And an hour of intense walking is equivalent to three hours of training on the simulator. For walking it is better to use comfortable shoes. Straighten your back – and forward, with a quick step!

Do exercises

One of the main reasons for being overweight is lack of physical activity. Even with a reduction in fat intake, lack of movement leads to weight gain. Fat is consumed during muscle activity. Of course, a small child does not have to sit for a long time in one place. While engaged in the baby try to give load to different muscles.

Do a variety of work, move around the house and outdoors, and remember that the load is needed for all muscle groups. In addition, excellent gymnastics is wearing a kangaroo. This exercise is useful for posture, helps strengthen abdominal muscles and back. Increasing the weight of the baby will gradually increase the load, and by changing the position of the kangaroo (on the back or on the abdomen), you can give a load to different muscle groups.

Lose weight after birth will help proper nutrition

For weight loss after the birth of a baby, it is optimal to eat low-fat foods, and also limit the amount of sugars. Practice fractional meals – frequent meals and small portions. This order of nutrition contributes to weight loss, allows you to reduce the calorie content of the diet by 15-20%, while not reducing the saturating properties and quality of products. It is recommended that nursing mothers include certain foods in their diet.

Cereals. These foods are rich in fiber, contributing to the reduction of waist and abdomen. First of all, it is oatmeal, buckwheat, corn. They give a charge of energy and do not cause flatulence, which can cause increased gas formation in the baby. For a better slimming effect and better saturation, it is recommended to add a little bran to this mess. This is an excellent breakfast that will delay the feeling of hunger, and with regular use will cleanse the body of toxins and cholesterol.

Kefir and cottage cheese. It is recommended to eat these products with reduced fat content. They are rich in calcium and do not contain excess calories. Calcium induces the body to get rid of fat stores faster. In addition, it is necessary to maintain muscle mass for a double load – breastfeeding and weight loss. Dairy products contain probiotics, which normalize digestion. Dairy products recently given birth to mothers are recommended to eat at least three times a day.

A fish. Seafood and fish, and especially fatty varieties, saturate the body with omega-3 fatty acids, which have a positive effect on the heart, as well as on the development of the brain and vision in the baby during breastfeeding. Fish should be consumed at least twice a week.

Lean meat. Beef contains a lot of zinc and iron – these are the most important minerals for producing breast milk and maintaining energy. When using a bird, it is better to choose dark meat instead of white meat. It has more calories, but at the same time more zinc and iron. Meat should be eaten at least three times a week, and preferably and more often.

Eggs. For quick slimming, it is recommended to eat one egg a day, preferably for lunch or breakfast. Eggs contain a special type of protein, which provides satiety for a long time. This avoids unnecessary snacks. In addition, eggs contain a special nutrient – choline, which is very useful for a child.

Spinach. At its very low calorie content, this product is extremely useful. It contains two substances necessary for lactating mothers – magnesium and folic acid. They contribute to the development of blood cells, strengthening of muscle and bone mass, the production of collagen. It is recommended to eat spinach as often as possible.

How vitamins and minerals help you lose weight after giving birth?

In addition to the tips given how to lose weight after childbirth, it is recommended to include a vitamin-mineral complex in the diet. And, you should pay attention to its composition. Such a complex must necessarily contain elements such as iodine and iron. For weight loss, these multivitamins can be consumed in a double prophylactic dosage.

In addition, to limit caloric intake and normalize your appetite, you can use special slimming cocktails. Take them recommended at night, as well as before the main meals. You can sometimes use cocktails as a light snack. Their use reduces appetite, while maintaining the right amount of nutrients in the body, which is very important for young mothers. You can find these cocktails in the pharmacy. In addition to all this, eat slowly and with a feeling of saturation the rest of the portion can be eaten later.

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