How to make dimples on the cheeks?

The dimples on the cheeks are small indentations on the zygomatic muscle, which appear due to the individual features of its structure. They can be located at different distances from the corners of the mouth and have different shapes: elongated or round.

In a state of rest, these dimples are almost invisible and appear only during a smile, laughter or other active facial expressions. This is due to the fact that when contracting, the zygomatic muscle has a small bifurcation and the shape resembles the letter V.

When, during laughter, the corner of the mouth stretches slightly upwards, it bifurcates, forming a small cavity at the point of divergence.

Dimples can be of different depth and size – it depends on the structure of the muscles. Also, the hollows seem deeper and larger on plump cheeks: thanks to the fat layer, which slightly lifts them.

In the people, this defect of muscles is called “the kiss of an angel” or “a mark of happiness.” People who have this feature attract attention and collect a lot of compliments: the cute troughs make their smile kind and sincere.

In many cultures of the world, such deformation is considered a sign of beauty, innocence and good nature.

Cosmetic effects

The only way to get the cherished cavities at the corners of the mouth is to be born with them. If you are not lucky with this, and for surgical intervention you are not yet ready, you can resort to cosmetic techniques.

In this you will benefit from decorative cosmetics:

 * pencils;
* shadows;
* correctors;
* powder;
* liquid liner;

If you have weakly defined dimples, you can emphasize their depth and shape with the help of powder or shadows for several tones darker than your natural skin color: just apply them there, where dimples are formed.

Also, you can make a small dot in the center of the groove with a soft brown pencil and blend it with a cotton swab.

To emphasize the natural curves, a liquid high-heater will help: highlight the areas around the dimple. This contrast will create the effect of a clear transition from smooth skin to deepening.

If you do not have dimples, you can draw them yourself:

  • For starters, smile broadly to determine the place where the artificial dimples will look as plausible as possible. They should be symmetrical and located 1-2 cm from the corners of the lips.
  • Mark them with a dark pencil and relax your face muscles. Around this point, draw small bends on both sides, shaped like arcs. The pencil should be a natural brown color, as close as possible to your skin. Avoid black Podolski and other intensive means.
  • Feather the lines with your fingertips or a cotton swab to give the dimple a natural look. Should be a smooth transition from a light brown to a dark brown.
  • Again, smile broadly to make sure that the dimples are in place and symmetrical. Correct their shape and apply a light-toned cream on the contour.

Please note, this method is suitable only for a photo shoot and video shooting, where you will constantly smile. In ordinary life and in a relaxed state of muscles, you will look at least ridiculous.

Piercing cheek

“Metal dimples” – an affordable and inexpensive way for those who dream of cavities on the cheeks. Punctures of the zygomatic muscle create the illusion of natural dimples, even if its owners no longer pass through the hole of the carnation and other ornaments.

It is worth remembering that this is a serious step, and the piercing on the face provides a special style of clothing.

You can choose one of two ways of piercing:

  • Classic – the usual puncture, which is done with a needle.
  • Intradermal micro-implantation – under the skin a small puncture is made, through which the stem-rod is carried, on which decorations of different shapes are wound: balls, thorns, discs, etc.

If you finally decided to pierce your cheeks and chose the best way, use the following tips:

  • Find a good and trustworthy specialist who has a license and has passed sanitary inspections.
  • Do not try to carry out this procedure at home, you will damage your skin and carry a serious infection.
  • Before the procedure is to visit a neurologist – a puncture of the muscle can damage the facial nerve, and this is fraught with its atrophy and complication of the facial muscles.
  • Watch for the purity of the workplace of the piercing master: his hands should be in sterile rubber gloves, and the instruments clean and quality.
  • Immediately after the puncture, the master must process the wound and insert earrings from precious metal: platinum, gold or silver.

Until the puncture site heals, he should be looked after:

  • Avoid getting hot water.
  • Do not visit the swimming pool, solarium.
  • Regularly wash the wounds with medical solutions prescribed by a specialist.

The earring must remain in the puncture for at least 2-3 months to allow the wound to be tightened. The cost of this procedure is from 1000 rubles per cheek.

Exercises for the appearance of dimples

There is another way for the appearance of dimples without surgical intervention.

It is long-term, slow, and unfortunately, ineffective. If the probability of remaining without results does not upset you, you can resort to physical exercises.

This complex is aimed at stimulating the muscles of the face.

Each exercise should be repeated 15 times in 2 approaches:

  • Pull your cheeks inward, closing your lips together with a “denture”. Tense your face muscles. Teeth should be relaxed and not squeeze the cheeks.
  • Smile broadly, lips compressed. On the places where there should be dimples, push the index finger pads.
  • Find a place where your cheeks most of all run into. Press on them with your fingers and slightly pull the skin back. Try to smile broadly.
  • In turn, lift the corners of the lips up.
  • As often as possible, press your fingers or pencils on the places of formation of dimples. The lips must be strained at the same time.

All these exercises should be done regularly and systematically. To do everything correctly and clearly, look at yourself in the mirror.

Over time, the muscles of your face will come in tone, and on the cheeks are formed small dimples.

Surgical method

If you are determined to get the cherished cavities on your cheeks quickly and for sure, a simple operation called dimple-ectomy will help you.

The wide popularity and attractiveness of dimples made this procedure insanely popular in America and other countries. Demand for dimple ectomy is also growing in Russia.

This operation is simple and allows you to purchase a zest for everyone. It does not matter at all, you have chubby or thin cheeks, the only thing that is worth considering is that this operation is irreversible. Remove dimples completely you will not succeed, only to reduce their depth. At the client’s request, the size, shape and depth of dimples can vary.

Passes dimple-ectomy for the following scheme:

  • The application of markers on the cheeks of points in which the dimples will be located.
  • Conducting local anesthesia.
  • A small incision that is made from the inside of the cheek.
  • Removal of iron balls.
  • Contraction of soft tissues.

This operation is absolutely safe and lasts about an hour. The skin is not injured and no scars are left – even there is no need to pull the thread. Immediately after the procedures, you can return to the usual life.

After the operation, there may be a slight discomfort in the oral cavity, which will completely pass within a few days. All this time, you should rinse your mouth with antibacterial solutions and take painkillers.

To speed up the processes of regeneration and the habituation of muscles to a new position, the doctor can prescribe the intake of analgesics.

A significant minus of dimple-ectomy – due to aging, dimples can significantly deform and even resolve. In this case, unwanted folds on the face may appear, from which it is very difficult to get rid of.

In Russia, dimples on the cheeks can be surgically done for 30 000-40 000 rubles.

The price depends on the skill level of the clinic in which you are doing the operation and on the cost of the related services. For example, anesthesia.

Where do they come from?

One of the most interesting issues of modern medicine – what contributes to the appearance of these depressions and is it normal? This is a very rare phenomenon, so their presence is attributed to genetic defects.

In the common people, this feature is taken as a blessing, and its owners are more attractive from an aesthetic point of view.

There are many myths and signs associated with this defect and its owners.

Here are the most popular of them:

  • The owner of dimples is waiting for an easy fate and a great luck in life.
  • People with dimples are more happy with life and blur out to the world from positive aspects.
  • They are referred to the sign of Venus, which means high popularity and attractiveness of the opposite sex.
  • They are very active in their work and temperamental in their relationships.
  • Also, dimples indicate independence and independence of their owner.

In addition to a number of positive features of character, they are credited with:

  • Authoritarianism.
  • Despotism.
  • Insolence.
  • Narcissism.
  • Love to gossip.

In fact, in the appearance of cavities on the cheeks there is nothing romantic: this is due to the fact that the facial muscle has insufficient length, so when smiling, it tightens the skin, forming a depression.

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