How to prevent High Blood Pressure (BP)?

High blood pressure is one of the fastest growing disease in the world after diabetes. This disease can be taken as a preliminary stage of heart attack in the body. In modern times, the intake of unhealthy food is one of the reason for it. Add our modern lifestyle to it, which acts as catalyst in aggravating this disease. There was a time, when a person used to rise early in the morning, go for morning walk to intake fresh air and to relax; and now is the time when the person visits gym in his car and do heavy exercise in AC.


Tensions, grief, greed etc. are the other factors dominating every ones health today. It’s difficult to find a person without tension.


Such reasons are endless and responsible for diseases. But we must learn how to prevent and cure such diseases.


In this topic we’ll try to learn some basic ways to cure and prevent high blood pressure.


  • Minimize the use of table salt  (NaCl). Half gram to 1 gm is sufficient in a day.
    Increase the intake of Vitamin B and Vitamin C
  • Do fasting for at least 1 day in a week. It will burn extra cholesterol from your body. Do consider your health and age while taking this decision.
  • If you are over-weight, start with decreasing extra weight. Extra weight puts pressure on heart arteries and veins.
  • Do not intake heavy and fast food. You heart needs to do extra work for that.
  • Start using olive-oil. It’s good your heart and liver.
  • Quit smoking and alcohol.
  • Eat amla   (Phyllanthus emblica) daily. One of the best food to prevent and cure BP.
  • Leave your gym. Start morning walk, take deep breathe and do some light exercise.
  • Start doing meditation. It will relax your mind and heart. Remember, tension and anger is one of the big reason for high BP. Meditation will help you to cure both.
  • Take tea of Arjun ki chaal (Terminalia arjuna). It will prevent all kinds of diseases related with heart.
  • Take ayurvedic medicines  like Ras Raj Ras, Triphala etc. after consultation with ayurvedic doctor.

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