How to save money: TOP 10 tips

Savings help us fulfill our dreams and feel confident in the future. However, many are wondering how to save money. In theory it seems that everything is simple, but in practice the situation often gets out of hand. It is especially difficult for people who lack self-discipline. Or those who believe that it is impossible to save money and look good. Do you recognize yourself? Then remember simple and effective saving rules that will help you learn how to save money.


Why you need to save


Popular wisdom says that it is not the poor who save, but the smart. It seems to many that this is a forced measure and a severe restriction that prevents us from living in happiness and prosperity. In fact, saving money is a reasonable consumption of goods and services. It helps you to think carefully about spending and to give up unnecessary things in favor of the necessary ones. The main thing is to use money rationally, and not turn into a miser.


Money Saving Benefits:



    • strengthening financial independence;


    • fast achievement of goals;


    • creation of a “safety cushion” in case of unforeseen circumstances;


    • the ability to invest money to create passive income. It is convenient and saves money.



TOP 10 useful tips on how to save money


Postponing finances without prejudice to yourself is real. Adhere to savings rules that will help you start saving even with a small budget.


Spend your finances wisely


Think of the economy mode not as painful restrictions, but as a competent allocation of funds. With this attitude, you will learn how to save money much faster. Instead of making another impulse purchase, consider whether you really need this item. If you’re not 100% sure, don’t take it. Saving in our time means buying only what you really need, and not choosing cheaper products.


Clearly state the goal of saving money


In order to quickly accumulate the necessary amount and not go astray, define the goal, its cost and the time frame for achieving it. For example, you want to buy a car, but do not know how much money you can save. Choose a car and find out how much it costs. Think about how long you could collect the required amount. It is much easier to save 10-20% of your monthly salary for several years than to frantically think about where to immediately find money for a car. The main thing is that the goal ignites you, motivates you to save more and work towards its achievement.



Enlist the support of loved ones


If you are afraid that in the process of accumulation there will be a temptation to spend money, ask loved ones to control you. Tell us about your goal, its importance and the rules for saving. In difficult times, loved ones will give useful advice and remind you that you don’t need to give up halfway. Try to stay away from temptations to save money in everyday life. Go shopping “just to look” less often and don’t buy small knick-knacks. You will see, learning how to save money is much easier than it seems.


Turn on saving mode gradually


People make the same mistake: they set a goal that is currently unattainable and go into saving mode. Due to strict restrictions, life is reduced to a living wage and a constant search for ideas to save money. But you can occasionally visit your favorite places, but at the same time not deny yourself the pleasures. Or buy clothes a little cheaper to save money and look good.


Saving money is like a diet – you constantly want to break loose. At such moments, there are two extremes: cut yourself in everything or live to the fullest. The good news is that money management is a skill that can be developed. Find a middle ground and start saving a little, increasing the amount every month. Such a scheme is convenient and saves money. Once you understand that you can live comfortably and still save money, saving becomes a habit.


Remember the “value” of money


We offer a life hack: before you start saving, calculate the cost of an hour of your work. Divide your salary by the number of hours you work and find out how much your time is worth. Sometimes in just a couple of minutes people can spend several months of their lives. But these funds can be saved, because time is the most valuable resource in our life.


Another way to save money in everyday life will help you decide whether to take a thing more expensive or cheaper. Before buying, consider how often you will use it and divide the price by the number of days. With some simple math, you’ll see that if used daily for a year, a mobile phone will be cheaper than a party dress or suit for the same amount. Great money saving idea.


Keep track of income and expenses


Sometimes it seems that there is nothing to save in everyday life. In this case, we suggest recording income and expenses in a notebook, on a computer or in a mobile application. When you start to control finances, it will be easy to find “holes” in the budget and you will see what funds can be saved. No wonder they say that a penny save is a penny earned.


Money Saving Ideas:



    • Take lunch to work with you, cook it yourself instead of going to cafes and restaurants. So it will turn out to save money in everyday life, and it is more useful for health.


    • Less often take a taxi, a private car, and use public transport or walk.


    • Shop online instead of offline. Often you can save more than 10-30% on online shopping.


    • Don’t go shopping on payday or on an empty stomach. So you will find yourself in a sea of temptations and, most likely, will not be able to resist. And the next day you will blame yourself for extravagance and non-compliance with the rules of economy.


    • Before going to the store, write a list of products and do not buy anything extra. Life hack: make a menu for the week ahead and make a big purchase every seven days. This way you will learn how to save money by not throwing away extra products.



Plan your budget ahead of time


Conscious budget planning will help you avoid a austerity regime. Make it a rule after each salary to distribute the money received in order of importance. For example, spread out in different envelopes finances for paying an apartment and utility bills, money for food, necessary purchases and other monthly expenses that are objectively impossible to do without. All remaining funds can be saved.


If you don’t have enough money, consider how you can adjust your spending without seriously compromising your standard of living. Budget planning is convenient and saves money. In addition, you can paint goals and expenses not only for the month, but also for the year ahead. So you will always be focused on specific tasks.


Rules for saving on utility bills


At first glance, it seems that there is only one way to save money on a communal apartment – not to use anything. But it is not. Even small useful tips will help reduce the amount of the monthly payment.


Money Saving Ideas:



    • Unplug electrical appliances when not in use. Even a phone charger plugged into a power outlet “eats” electricity.


    • Use energy efficient light bulbs and don’t forget to turn off the lights when you leave the room.


    • Install meters that will help you control your readings and save more.


    • Choose household appliances with energy class A. Such devices use resources optimally and help save our time.


    • Use electrical appliances correctly. For example, instead of a full kettle, boil water for one or two cups. Do not load more into the washing machine or dishwasher than recommended in the instructions, otherwise the technique will increase energy consumption by 15-20%.


    • Insulate your home so that during the cold season you spend less gas or electricity on space heating. You can replace windows, entrance doors, insulate walls, foundations, floors.



Think about how you can increase your income


Use your time wisely and devote your free hours to increasing income in order to quickly accumulate the required amount.


Helpful Hints:



    • find an additional source of income or take on more tasks at the main place of work;


    • educate yourself, improve your skills, and at the same time the cost of your services;


    • learn a new or related profession to earn in different areas. For example, with the help of free online courses.



Save more on internet and communications


Many people spontaneously choose telecom operators, Internet providers and order unnecessary services. Pay attention to the mobile communication tariff that you are currently using. Perhaps you do not need additional options, so why overpay when you can use the money rationally. Do not be lazy and compare the offers of different companies to choose the best value for money.


Some operator offers a profitable idea to save money: connect three services at once in one package. The “All Together” tariff includes: mobile communication, Home Internet and television. And if you live outside the city, choose the All Together 4G package to enjoy fast wireless networking.




Advantages of the “All Together” tariff:



    • unlimited calls within the network and minutes to numbers of other operators and abroad;


    • thousands of megabytes of mobile Internet;


    • fast “Home Internet” with speeds up to 100 Mbps;


    • more than 200 popular TV channels in digital quality;


    • the possibility of suspending billing to save money if you go on vacation or on a business trip;


    • the “Week of trust” option allows you to use communications, the Internet and television for another seven days if you do not have time to pay the tariff on time.



Connecting a comprehensive package is much cheaper than ordering each service separately. Choose the appropriate tariff and use mobile communications, the Internet and TV with pleasure. This is convenient and saves money that can be set aside to achieve the goal.


Saving money is a long process where self-discipline and strong motivation are important. Saving doesn’t have to be drastic or drastically change your standard of living. Learn how to save money wisely and efficiently, as you can save money and look good, attend entertainment events and drink your favorite coffee in a cafe near the house. Approach consciously to each purchase and try to find an additional source of income. Use helpful tips on how to save money so that saving money becomes a habit and helps you gain financial freedom.

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