Inflammation of Nipples in Women and Men

Inflammation of nipples in women – why it happens and how to quickly eliminate it? Inflammation of nipples in men: causes and treatment

Inflammation of the nipples can talk about the numerous problems associated with the mammary glands, can arise both in men and in women, regardless of age.

To avoid negative consequences, it is necessary to undergo a timely examination.

Inflammation of nipples in women causes

Inflammation of the nipples in women have different causes. Nursing mothers face such problems because of the following reasons:

1. Lactostasis – stagnation of breast milk in the chest. Most often occurs in the early days of lactation, the baby is not able to eat all the milk produced by the body.

2. The mammary duct is injured.

3. The nipple has an anatomical pathology.

4. Development of pathological microflora.

5. Small scratches in the nipple area lead to infection, resulting in inflammation and other consequences.

6. Other areas of the skin are inflamed, the infection from them gets into the nipple.

7. As a result of labor, the immunity of a young mother is weakened.

8. The breast was exposed to cold.

Causes of inflammation of the nipples in non-lactating women:

1. The hormonal background is broken.

2. Development of thoracic radiculitis.

3. The mammary gland is injured, and as a result, it is susceptible to infection.

4. The woman suffered severe stress.

5. Tumor in the chest: benign or malignant.

With the development of the inflammatory process in the nipples, the sensitivity of the breast will increase, possibly, the appearance of a headache. In addition, the following signs are observed:

1. During palpation, seals are felt.

2. The body temperature rises, reaches a mark of 40 degrees.

3. Puffiness.

4. Enlargement of lymph nodes.

5. Infectious inflammation in the chest.

6. The blood test shows an excess of the norm of the level of leukocytes.

The doctor at the examination should pay attention to the symptoms since the nature of the inflammatory processes in the nipple can talk about the development of many diseases:

Serous mastitis

With the development of the disease, in addition to inflammation of the nipples, there is a change in the color of the breast, compaction, the temperature does not increase. The general condition is weakened dizziness.

Chronic inflammation

In the chest, palpation feels for small seals, almost no pain. The temperature does not exceed 37.6.

Abscess of the breast

This is a dangerous form of mastitis, a clear contour of the breast is affected, a nipple inflames, pus is released. The general state of health is weakened, the temperature rises to 40 degrees.


The disease is severe, the nipples become inflamed, become crimson or blue. After some time, the breast will completely lose its shape.

Inflammation of nipples in a man’s cause

Inflammation of the nipples in a man have different reasons, it is less common than in women, but requires the same increased attention from medical personnel.

Disrupted metabolism or diseases of the endocrine system

These pathologies often lead to nipple inflammation in men.

The main cause is a broken hormonal background, a decrease, or vice versa, an increase in the production of female hormones. The provoking factors are the abuse of bad habits, diabetes, obesity, and the intake of certain medications.

The second reason is getting mechanical injuries. There is a hematoma, possibly a second infection. Infection occurs in open areas that are caused by trauma.

To make the diagnosis can at a puberty. The pathology will pass independently, no treatment is required.


It is manifested by the inflammation of the nipples, a slight peeling around them, the sensitivity of the breast is increased. The development of the disease will be accompanied by the addition of new symptoms – from the nipples spotting, the appearance of severe cutting pain.


The disease occurs in three stages:

1. Serous, this is the initial stage. In the chest area, puffiness, nipples are inflamed, the chest increases in volume. When palpation reveals individual formations. After a while, there is a lot of pain, lymph nodes are inflamed under the armpits.

2. Infiltration – the allocation of leukocytes in an inflamed area, the formation of pus, with palpation numerous seals. The body temperature rises.

3. Fluctuation – suppuration pronounced, the affected area blushes, hyperthermia. The area of ??the nipples is inflamed, when you raise your hands up, there is a lot of pain.

When developing the first signs of the disease, it is necessary to visit a medical institution. Symptoms do not always indicate a severe course of the disease. They can pass independently, especially if the patient is in adolescence.

Inflammation of the nipples – which cannot be done

Inflammation of the nipples occurs for many reasons, many are in a hurry to give themselves first aid, but do not think about whether such procedures will not cause harm. What you can not do with nipple inflammation, you should know everything, as incorrect actions will complicate the further process of treatment:

1. Do not wash your breasts, especially using soap. Under the influence of an alkaline environment, the skin on the damaged nipple will dissolve, the protective layer will be erased.

2. Be bypassed with antibiotic ointment, especially if your doctor has not advised you. Such drugs can be prescribed exclusively by a specialist when attaching a microbial or fungal infection.

3. Do not use green and iodine to lubricate the nipples, the skin will dry out, possibly corroding the nipple.

4. Do not apply cotton wool, previously soaked in alcohol. Under the influence of alcohol, the skin will become dry, possibly getting a chemical burn.

5. Do not create a damp environment.

Inflammation of nipples treatment

Treatment of inflamed nipples, as a rule, is always effective and does not take much time. Assign it should only profile doctor – mammologist, or gynecologist.

On the damaged areas, apply lanolin cream. It is designed to ensure that the skin and nipples are protected. You can buy the drug in the pharmacy, if necessary, replace it with petrolatum.

To cope with the pain will help the ice. Make an ice pack:

1. A small amount of ice wrap in a bag and wrap with a towel, to avoid frostbite.

2. Keep the compress can be no more than 20 minutes, otherwise, already irritated skin will be damaged.

Inflammation that occurs in breastfeeding women can be eliminated in the following way:

1. Apply a warm compress to your chest. To replace it with other warming agents, for example, a hair dryer, it is impossible.

2. Do not take medication yourself. Extra milk after breastfeeding should be expressed by breast pump.

3. Squeeze the milk from the nipple and lubricate the areola and the nipple itself. The substances contained in it will relieve pain and inflammation. Wait until it is dry and then dress.

If you experience severe pain, use an anesthetic. Be sure to combine medicines (prescribed by a doctor) and other methods to eliminate inflammation. A good remedy is an acetaminophen, besides non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. They are safe, allowed to use when breastfeeding, but in advance, you need to consult with your doctor.

With prolonged pain, the doctor can prescribe danazol. The drug is used simultaneously for several purposes – heals swelling, eliminates inflammation and irritation in the thoracic region. However, the drug has many contraindications.

Warning! With prolonged pain and inflammation in the nipples, you need to see a doctor as soon as possible. The development of cancer is possible, therefore, measures should be taken as soon as possible.

Ointment Actovegin and Solcoseryl, are aimed at healing the inflamed nipples, due to the fact that stimulation of trophic tissues will occur.

Inflammation caused by hydradenitis, treated with oral antibiotics, take the courses. Outside, the inflamed area can be treated with a solution of salt. Well helps Levomekol.

To open abscesses, you may need the help of surgeons, as well as the ectasia of the milk ducts.

Some complications can lead to the formation of scars. A danger to life occurs with mastitis, but if treatment measures are taken on time, negative consequences can be avoided.

Folk Remedies

When using alternative medicine, you need to remember: infectious inflammation with the release of pus requires treatment with medications. There are many home remedies for getting rid of inflammation in the nipples:

1. If the cause of inflammation is breastfeeding, it is permitted to use breast milk for treatment.

2. Nipple massage with almond or olive oil.

3. Lubricate the nipples with aloe juice up to four times a day.

Unique properties of chamomile allow you to treat inflamed nipples, even with breastfeeding. Use homeopathy in the period of gestation and fetal feeding, it is impossible.

Medicinal herbs are basil. A few leaves of the plant rub, squeeze the juice, 3-4 times a day, apply to the nipple.

The best prevention, to prevent nipple inflammation, hygiene, especially for nursing women. Men should pay equal attention to this issue.

The prognosis of treatment completely depends on what caused the development of inflammation. As a rule, everything ends well, except for cases when cancer developed, especially if it was at a difficult stage of development.