How to get Bajaj Allianz Policy Details via SMS Updates?

Get Bajaj Allianz Policy Details via SMS

Bajaj Allianz policyholders can get lots of information for their policy by using SMS service from their registered mobile phone number.

Common services required are fund value of the policy, IT certificate, Claim status etc. You can seek all such information via phone to customer support department or by visiting the branch.

You can also check your Bajaj Allianz Policy information online also.

And now, you can get all such information via SMS also.

Following is the complete glossary of pull SMS services from the table:

Bajaj Allianz Policy Details via SMS Updates


No Service Type Keyword Send To
1 For Callback for service related queries SUPPORT 8108222251
2 For Callback for renewal premium payment related queries
(From Registered Mobile Number)
3 For Branch Address BRANCH<space>PIN CODE
4 For Callback for Reinvestment related queries
(From Registered Mobile Number)
5 For Fund Value of Policy (From Registered Mobile Number) FV<space>POLICY NO
6 For Account Statement (From Registered Mobile Number) ACCSTMT<space>POLICY NO
7 To Update Email Address (From Registered Mobile Number) EREG<space>Unique ID*<space>DOB of
policyholder in DDMMYYYY<space>email id
8 For Callback for queries related to fund switching FSWITCH
9 For IT Certificate (From Registered Mobile Number) TAXCERT<space>POLICY NO
10 For Claim status CLAIM<space>POLICY NO


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