Interesting and smart ways to save the family budget

When creating a family, a person is assigned a sufficient number of responsibilities, including maintaining the family budget. In order to avoid unpleasant situations, such as pledging things to a pawnshop, borrowing money from friends / relatives, bank loans, etc., you need to rationally use family money and learn how to save. Savings is not synonymous with infringement. This does not mean at all that the family will walk around in darned things, eat bread and water, get to work on the other side of the city on foot, deny themselves entertainment, and so on. Behind this lies the optimization of spending. The amount of money spent is directly proportional to the amount of money earned. That is, the more money a family has, the more desires it has to spend it wherever it pleases.


And then the question arises: is it worth spending all the money earned? Not all people have what is called stop signal. “A” can spend all the salary received in one day on things that are not always necessary. A “B” will think 10 times before buying an extra pair of jeans or shoes. It follows from this that all people are different in the specifics of their waste. And, it is desirable that in the family of such a spender “A” the rationalist “B” curbs.


Let’s get back to ways to save the family budget. If you sit down and think deeply about it, you can come up with hundreds, if not thousands. So let’s get straight to them:


Method number 1. Family budget management.


Before we save anything, we need to know what our income is and what expenses we have. Nowadays, there are a lot of programs for computers and phones for the purpose of budgeting. If you are not friends with technology, the easiest option is to buy a common notebook or notepad and write down daily waste there. If possible, write not only the amount, but also the details, attaching checks from stores. For example, driving to work, buying cigarettes, having lunch at a cafe, evening entertainment, buying groceries for home, and so on. After a week, you can see where a lot of extra money goes that you can save.


Method number 2. Postpone.


Agree, it is much more pleasant to make some kind of impressive purchase or go on vacation for your own, personally accumulated money, and not borrow, or even worse – on credit (we will address this later). To do this, you will need to set aside a certain amount of money from each salary. Which – you will understand by trial and error. Try to start with 5-15% of earnings. If you live without problems on the remaining money, the percentage of savings should be increased. If there is not enough money, reduce accordingly. It is also worth setting aside a fixed amount for unexpected expenses (whether it be a sudden layoff from work or the illness of a family member) and under no circumstances should you touch it.


Method number 3. No loans!


Now let’s talk about loans. Everyone (or almost everyone) knows very well that banks will never work at a loss, but on the contrary, they will profit from their customers. That is why it is not profitable to take loans. After all, in addition to the amount that you take for your needs, the bank will have to pay interest on the use of this money, which is completely unpleasant and irrational. If there is already a need for urgent money, then it is better to try to sell something that is not absolutely necessary for you (but perhaps necessary for others) or borrow from loved ones (at least you don’t have to pay interest).


Method number 4. Shopping list.


It is best to go to the store with a list of necessary purchases. And even better, with a specific amount (with a margin of 20 percent in case of price changes or the absence of a product of a particular brand). Thus, you will buy only what you really need, and will not be exchanged for unnecessary trifles. Remember how many times you went to the store just for bread, and in the end returned with everything except what you needed. To avoid such situations, you need to constantly set yourself a specific purchase goal.


Method number 5. Promotions and discounts.


In continuation of the previous method. Try to constantly monitor sites with discounts on products, clothing, shoes, equipment, and more. Just wait until a suitable discount appears on the product you want, and go to the store. Thus, you can save a lot. By the way, it is better to buy clothes and shoes after the end of the season. That is, summer – in the fall, and winter – in the spring. At these moments, stores try to sell the remaining goods as profitably as possible so as not to litter the warehouse.


Method number 6. Piggy bank


Purchase or make a piggy bank from improvised materials. Every day you can put in it a trifle that you were given for the day. Thus, by the end of the month there will be about a hundred hryvnias. By the way, a trifle is gladly accepted in pharmacies.


Method number 7. Drug analogues


No one is immune from sudden illness, colds and the like. And getting sick is expensive these days. So, how often our doctors cooperate with manufacturers of certain drugs (which is clearly evidenced by the papers on which they write out prescriptions and referrals) and try to impose unnecessary drugs on the patient for a certain percentage. I do not call for abandoning the pills and mixtures prescribed by doctors, I advise you to find information about their analogues. All this is freely available on the Internet. You can also ask your doctor about the domestic analogue of the prescribed drug.


Options for saving the family budget can go on and on. All of them are good, but it is impossible to stick to all of them at the same time. It’s worth starting with the smallest, and then adding other ways. Let everyone choose the ones he likes and keep his budget in order.

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