Japanese Candlestick Type » Positive line

Japanese candles are a powerful tool for analyzing price charts, especially when used on older timeframes (from days and up). They completely replay their visibility and the possibilities of interpreting the bars.


In the previous article, we’ve learned the basics of Japanese Candlestick Charts. In this lesson, we’ll learn about Positive line of Japanese Candlestick Type.


Japanese Candlestick Type: Positive Line


CandlestickHow to callmeaning
Japanese Candlestick a sunshine
A sunshineIt is a very bullish leg because it shows that it has risen straight from the opening price to the closing price. If we can expect successive growth after this, if the yuan buddy comes out with the bottom price, it is said to be at the time of purchase.
Japanese Candlestick Daiyin Line
Daiyin LineAlthough it has beards on the top and bottom, it is a very bullish foot. If there is a big solar line at the bottom price, there is a possibility of a sudden repulsion.
Japanese Candlestick Shimogouya Line
Shimogouya LineAlthough it had a downward tendency because the lower beard was long, since it forms a white candle, when the bottom shade positive line comes out at the bottom price, it is considered to be the time of purchase.
Japanese Candlestick Yang's duty buddha
Yang’s duty buddhaBecause the buying pressure is strong when the sunshine buddha comes out at the bottom price, it is said to be at the time of purchase.
Japanese Candlestick Calicusa hammer
Calicusa hammerIt appears that there is a possibility of reversing after it appears in the scene of pushing up and down. The substance of the hammer is very small and the beard is very long, while the upper moustache is short or not attached at all.
Japanese Candlestick Small sunlight
Small sunlightThe balance of buying and selling is even, but it is part of a strong line because it is raising the value.
Japanese Candlestick Song of the Sun
Song of the SunFeet showing a state of lost. The longer the upper and lower beards are, the higher the likelihood that the market will change.
Japanese Candlestick Upper Shaday Line · Tonkachi
Upper Shaday Line · TonkachiAfter rising and adding a high price, it is a form pushed back to near the opening price. Although the upper beard was long, it was on the rise, but since the body of the candle is formed briefly downwards, there is a possibility of falling back if the upper shadow positive line appears in the ceiling sphere. The longer the upper beard is and the shorter the entity, the higher the possibility of falling back.
Japanese Candlestick Yang's braver
Yang’s braverIt is a strong foot but there is a resistance in the upper price. When a positive donation shot comes out in the ceiling sphere, it is said to be at the time of sale.


One must learn the different types of candles because the combination of these candles make bearish or bullish patterns in the technical chart, which every trader MUST master.


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