Most Inexpensive Countries to Live

Many people are strongly convinced that for traveling somewhere, it is necessary to spend large amounts of money, not to mention the constant residence in foreign countries. But it is worth noting that for today there are more than three hundred different countries in the world, and among them, there are certainly options that will allow living without high costs in more than acceptable conditions. Of course, cheap does not always mean good, but the weighty advantages of individual countries overlap their few shortcomings. So, what cheap countries for recreation exist and what should I give my preference? And to learn more about this in more detail, read on.




This country is one of the most popular tourist destinations in all of Asia. Here you will find many beautiful beaches, picturesque mountains, tropical forests and Buddhist temples. Separately it is worth noting the famous island of Bali, which for several decades has enjoyed unprecedented popularity among travelers from all over the world.


A decent room in the guesthouse you can rent for a price of 70 to 150 dollars a month, depending on the various amenities, the distance from the spa places and the size of the room. The whole house with 3-4 rooms can be rented for 400-500 dollars a month.


Meals in local cafes (varungah) will cost 1-2 dollars for one complex dinner of several dishes. True, these prices are relevant only for the warungs, intended for local residents. There are also separate cafes for tourists, where prices are significantly higher. And the closer such an establishment will be located to the sea, the more expensive it will be.


As for work, most newcomers earn remotely, that is, via the Internet. In the very same country, a rather high level of unemployment.


But here the cheap countries for rest only begin.




Speaking of Thailand, it is worth mentioning that this sunny country has been considered a real mecca for Russian tourists and downshifters for many years. As for the cost of living, then, as for many other countries, it consists of two important parameters – housing and food prices.


So, renting a whole house or a decent condo (1-2 bedrooms, kitchen, and sometimes a swimming pool) will cost around 280-400 dollars depending on the location. As for a separate room, it will cost you 120 to 150 dollars per month. But, as you know, in this case, everything again depends on the area of residence, the arrangement of the interior and the size of the room. When renting a home for a long time, the cost is significantly reduced.


As for food prices, they will please even the smallest budget tourist. So, hot soup and a large plate of rice with chicken meat will cost no more than 1-1.5 dollars (if you, of course, like to visit the cafe). But on the condition that you will buy food in shops and prepare your own homes on your own, you will not take more than $ 50-100 per month for food.


In the event that you prefer to have an independent means of transportation, then the scooter rental, which is the most popular local transport, will cost from $ 50 to $ 80 per month. The price for a liter of gasoline is 1-1.5 dollars. But it’s not all cheap countries for recreation, which you should know about.




Despite the fact that India has been one of the poorest countries in the world for many years, you will find many more than pleasant places for long life and, of course, a lot of the most amazing architectural and natural attractions.


As for housing prices, in resorts, for example in Goa, the cost of renting a room or house will not be much different from Thailand. True, in winter the cost of renting housing increases.


A comfortable room in the guesthouse (together with a shower and toilet) will cost you 5-10 dollars per day. A cozy bungalow or a small wooden house (with furniture, shower and toilet) will cost 5-15 dollars per day. In this case, if you plan to go on vacation in the New Year or at Christmas, it is better to book accommodation in advance, since tourists at this time of year are the most.


As for food, it’s a good idea to have a snack in local necks (small cafes on the beaches), where you can find both Indian and European cuisine. A full dinner will cost $ 0.8-1.4.


It is worth mentioning about the rent of a moped. Here everything depends on the capacity and condition of the transport. On average, the month of renting a bike will cost $ 45-70.




Philippines is another cheap country for recreation, where you can inexpensively live not far from beautiful beaches with palm trees and hot sun. The capital of the state enjoys great popularity among tourists – the city of Manila. Therefore, the cost of living there is quite high. But in the provinces of Cebu, Panglao or Batian you can find quite affordable housing with all the necessary infrastructure of the area. So, the house in these places will cost from 200-300 dollars for a month of residing.


Depending on the location and amenities the room in the house or hostel will cost from 6 to 10 dollars per day. The price for a double room in the hotel is about 15 dollars a day.


As for the cost of food, then, like in other countries of Southeast Asia, the products here are inexpensive. In local cafes, you can eat enough to buy a large portion of rice with meat and a drink for $ 2. It is not difficult to guess that various exotic fruits and vegetables are also cheap here, and they are best bought on the market.




It should be noted immediately that a visa to this country for Russian citizens is issued free of charge for a period of 1 to 3 months, which already frees you from unnecessary troubles and expenses.


First of all, it is worth starting with the cost of housing in Vietnam. As you have probably noticed, in Asian countries the prices for renting houses or rooms are very similar. And in this case, Vietnam is no exception. Of course, it all depends on where you are going to live – in a hotel, a separate house, an apartment or a room in a guest house. But it is quite possible to find comfortable accommodation for 1-2 people for 150-200 dollars a month. Naturally, the exact price depends on the specific city, living conditions and various amenities. If you are an ardent supporter of austerity, then a month of life in modest hotels without special excesses will cost $ 100. But if you plan to stay here for more than 30 days, it is better, of course, to rent a house or a room.


A budget of 75-150 dollars a month is enough for eating in local cafes and modest restaurants. If you buy food in the bazaar or supermarkets and cook it yourself, you can save up to 30-40% of the amount. But even at this point the cheap countries for rest still do not end.




The next popular destination for budget tourism, as you already understood, is Cambodia. Depending on the area of residence and remoteness from the beaches here you can rent quite comfortable housing in the region of $ 100-200 per month.


For only $ 5 local fishermen will personally cook you an excellent dinner from the big crab they have eaten. As for other seafood, you can buy them at local market stalls in the area of 1-2 dollars.


An excellent option if you have long been burning the idea of downshifting and want to live away from a noisy and troublesome civilization. But it is worth noting that flocks of stray dogs and hungry forest dwellers can become an unpleasant addition to local beach beauties.




Mystical and mysterious Nepal is considered the spiritual center of Asia and a very cheap country for recreation. Almost all who have ever practiced yoga and meditative practices dream to visit this picturesque country. But for those who do not have a special thirst for universal enlightenment, there are many amazing natural landscapes, beautiful mountains, amazing beauty of Buddhist temples and ancient pagodas.


The cost of renting housing here is quite low even for Asia. So, in Kathmandu, it is realistic to rent a comfortable one-room apartment in a good district of the city for 40-80 dollars a month.


With regard to food costs, then taking food in local institutions, they can be reduced to 1-1.5 dollars a day. As a rule, even the most expensive dish in a restaurant rarely exceeds the price mark of 8-10 dollars.


Public transport and taxi services are also more than affordable – $ 0.2-0.5 depending on where you want to go.


As you can see, cheap countries for recreation are very diverse and everyone can well and inexpensively relax or stay in a picturesque tropical country for quite adequate money.


If you think that cheap countries for rest are limited to only 5-7 states, then you are very wrong. You can be sure that in the world there are many surprisingly beautiful places where you can not only have a budget rest, but also quite comfortable to live. Of course, if you like, you can find a lot of disadvantages in such countries, but if you pay a little attention to the wonderful nature, amazing architectural sights and original culture of local residents, all these advantages will more than cover the possible shortcomings. So, in which countries can you relax inexpensively, having received a lot of pleasant impressions? The answer to this question you will find further.




Laos is a very modest state in size, which is located in the central part of the Indochina Peninsula between the countries of Myanmar, China, Cambodia and Thailand. Despite the underdeveloped industry and the tourism industry, here you can find a lot of beautiful sights and suitable places for a long holiday. The main advantages of this country are fabulous landscapes delightful wild landscapes, picturesque mountains, Buddhist monasteries, pacifying exotic atmosphere and, of course, affordable prices.


If you rent accommodation from local residents, eat in local cafes and restaurants, then a month you can spend no more than 140-200 dollars. But in recent years, good hotels have started appearing in the country costing $ 10-16 per day per room. Naturally, you can find more expensive or less expensive housing, depending on your preferences and various amenities. But even with all the desire to spend a lot and immediately you are unlikely to get here.


Most resort areas are small cozy villages with picturesque beaches, lush vegetation and melodic singing of strange birds. As for the stores, there are no big supermarkets here. But on the local counters you will find a whole variety of different vegetables and fruits at affordable prices. But here the inexpensive countries for rest only begin.




As you know, China is very large and one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Of course, living in major cities of the state will be very expensive, but in the province prices are significantly reduced, providing an excellent opportunity to explore the Middle Kingdom, even low-budget tourists. It hardly worth mentioning that China is a real country of contrasts, where you will find not only picturesque rural landscapes and crowded megacities, but also the untamed plains of the Gobi Desert and the picturesque northern peak of Everest. It is also important to mention the wonderful architectural sights, which here are many.


As for housing prices, here, as in many other cases, everything depends on the locality of your residence. But if you want you can rent a comfortable apartment in the area of 100-200 dollars a month. Dense lunch at local institutions really in the area of 1-2 dollars.


It is worth noting and affordable taxi services, drivers are often not only men, but also women. So, a short trip will rarely cost more than 1 dollar.




As you probably already guessed, inexpensive countries for recreation can be found not only in Asia. So, a considerable number of states that offer tourists a good budget vacation, you can find in South America. Ecuador is one of such countries. Almost the entire territory of the republic is a collection of attractions. Here you will find spectacular beaches on the Pacific coast, you can admire the impressive diversity of vegetation and animals, as well as see ancient cities. It is important to note the friendliness and hospitality of the local population. At the same time, Ecuador is included in the list of the cheapest countries in the world.


So, you can count on a very decent hotel room for only $ 7-10 per night. As for food, entertainment and movement throughout the country, these items will not make your wallet too thin.




Continuing the theme of South America, it is certainly worth mentioning about Bolivia. Perhaps, in this country there is everything, about what only the real traveler dreams. Here you can admire the greatest in the entire length of the Cordillera mountain range, see the salt desert, the jungle by the Amazon basin, explore the mysterious cities of the Incas (among which is the famous Tiwanaku) and, of course, the world-famous Lake Titicaca, which is at an altitude of more than 3000 meters above sea level. And this is not all the wonders of this amazing country!


Low prices for accommodation are explained by the fact that Bolivia is a very poor country. With regard to housing, it is quite acceptable to find an apartment or room in the area of 50-110 dollars a month. Dense meals in local institutions can be for only $ 1. But this is not all low-cost countries for recreation, which you should know about.




Argentina, also known as Latin American Paris, is the famous home of football and a popular pilgrimage site for Russian and European tourists. Here you can see the centuries-old gigantic gorges, the blue ice, frozen in chaotic order, the scarlet deserts with the world’s largest cacti and the amazing beauty of the forest with gracefully curved trees in the form of a passionate dance.


All these miracles will not be as expensive as it might seem. If you want, even in Buenos Aires you can find an inexpensive hotel room cost 10-12 dollars per night. For 140 dollars a month it is realistic to rent a separate room with all the necessary furniture and other amenities. A beautiful comfortable house on the coast will cost 400-500 dollars for 30 days stay.


As for food, this country is famous for its excellent quality of various drinks and meat. True, these products are better to buy on the market, since lunch in a restaurant or cafe here is not cheap. If you do not particularly limit yourself to local exotic vegetables and fruits, then at 100-140 dollars a month you can eat very well.




But, in addition to Asian and South American countries, you probably would like to know about the most inexpensive countries for recreation in Europe. And here, first of all, it is worth noting Croatia. The tourist popularity of this state is explained not only by very reasonable and adequate prices, but also by the convenient location of the country on the picturesque Adriatic coast. There is also a mass of beautiful islands, the rest of which is very similar to the oceanic atolls (coral islands) – the same white sand, fascinating seascapes and exotic nature. Also on local beaches in recent years, yachting is developing very actively, as the main entertainment direction of the country.


Comfortable apartments not far from resort places can be rented for 300-400 dollars a month. As for food, the local cuisine will please you with its variety of different spicy and spicy sea dishes. If you do not eat too often in restaurants and local cafes, then for food you will take no more than 100-150 dollars for 30 days.




First of all, Romania is famous for its lush forests and medieval castles, among which there is the famous estate of Count Dracula himself. As for inexpensive countries for recreation, then in the territory of this state you will find a whole variety of different resorts, starting from superbly equipped ski slopes, laid out among the impressive forest and mountain landscapes, and ending with a beach holiday on the picturesque Black Sea coast.


It is worth noting that even in the capital of the state (Bucharest) you can fully enjoy your vacation and not go broke. A small cozy apartment will cost you around 120-160 dollars a month. Travel around the city by taxi costs about 2-3 dollars, and a liter of gasoline – 60 cents.


Also here is a very inexpensive meal. And in terms of cost, especially dishes from meat and dried fish are available. In general, for food, you are unlikely to spend more than $ 4 per day here.


To visit local museums or cinemas, you are unlikely to leave more than $ 1. But the main entertainment in Romania is, of course, an inspection of local architectural and natural attractions, which are in great abundance here.


As you can see, inexpensive countries for recreation are very diverse, and worthy rest in such states is quite affordable for every traveler.

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