Real Forex Reviews. How to distinguish truth from marketing?

Choosing a forex broker is not easy. Most novice traders carry money in the DC, which they just liked – either the office is nearby, or the beautiful girl-manager smiled and took it as her own – the reasons, as a rule, subjective, can be very much.


More advanced beginners climb on forex forums and read reviews about brokers. After spending some time, the trader, inspired by positive feedback and taking note negative, bears money to the broker chosen “wisely”. Subsequently it turns out that everything is a bit different than it was written in the reviews – money is not being taken out, with the execution of the problem, and instead of the beautiful trader-manager girl, the former paratrooper, the grinning security guard Uncle Vasya, now meets.


Today, let’s talk about real and not very reviews about forex brokers and try to learn how to distinguish truthful from custom-made.




Why did it happen? After all, 10 people on the forum wrote that everything is fine, the money broker displays quickly, unlike (!) From another company, the conditions are excellent, trade – I do not want. Who are all these people? Why are they all good, but our trader is not?


The Internet network depersonalizes. Behind the avatar with a cute girl, a pot-bellied peasant with a beard can hide, and the owner of an account with a cat on the avatar, can have 10 more students on the same resource, and quite talk with himself.


Starting to delve into the subject of the difference between fake reviews from truthful ones, we were a bit shocked by the numbers. According to the director of Kraftwork company, specializing in the creation and promotion of sites, 70% of all reviews in any industry are written to order.


The account manager of one marketing agency claims that there are paid reviews on any site where there is an opportunity to leave a comment. According to him, ordinary people, as a rule, rarely write reviews.




It turns out that this phenomenon even has a special term. Specialists call it “unethical SMM” (Social Media Marketing) or “partisan marketing” (Hidden Marketing).


All these customized posts and comments can be conditionally divided into two types:

 * White – designed to attract the reader to the services of a particular company;
* Black – are designed to form a negative image of a competing company. 

Statistics show that in order to have a certain opinion already formed in the subconscious, 85% of readers have only ten comments or responses. All other materials will be perceived subjectively, since the opinion, even if still unconscious, has already taken shape.




Unfortunately, no one will give you a specific recipe how to distinguish a real tip about forex from a custom one, but it does not exist. However, there are people who, in the nature of their activities, face daily a huge number of comments and posts on the forum. What prevents us from taking advantage of their experience?


The editor-in-chief of Julia Apel, relying on her many years of experience, calls the review 100% customized if:


    • “Advertising services. Something like “Wow, they have such a super bonus and chic service, thank you for having introduced.” Who ever writes this? That’s right, PR man.


    • from the back of another review: “the company is scam, scammers, do not take anything out.” When a person has a problem with a broker, he is not ashamed to write accounts, passwords, names, publish correspondence. He needs money to return, and not to spoil the reputation.


    • discussion from 3-5-7 of the same users who themselves talk to themselves. Questions ask and from time to time the adverts launch “look, how cool”. It’s funny even. Oh yes, they can still this company have 2-3-5 companies in the branches to sit. It is useful to see where the user still writes on the forum – in options it can be done. If he comes to the forum only at the broker to unsubscribe, it is not difficult to guess why he is here.


    • and of course a set of feedback from users who have 1-5 messages. Sometimes there are such coincidences, when the company asked to write a review for some service (so it was with FBS with a welcome bonus), but rarely. “



Very competent approach to the definition of false reviews from the Forex administrator forum with the nickname NSerega:


    • “Often they write allegedly negative reviews, but for some trifle. Then the courageous representative of the company appears and “with one stroke of the pen” solves a non-existent problem. As a result, the satisfied “client” begins to write that he is so unintelligent, and the company is just super and everyone recommends working with it.


    • There were several frames that the same screenshot was posted with an alleged confirmation of the withdrawal of money from the company, and each claimed that this is his screenshot. What they gave out, he was inserted, even without bothering to compare.


    • There is also this type of feedback from the advertisers, they seem to have been on the forum for a long time and they have a lot of messages, but they fill these messages in the topics “about everything and nothing”, only to “pump out” their profile and look solid as the old-timer of the forum in the reviews.


    • The idea of the veracity of the recall can be fully formed from the history of the messages of the user who left this review.


    • The most truthful reviews are those in which there are bills, passwords, names, publish correspondence. “





We will try to generalize the above recommendations, and also add a couple of our own. Using them, you are almost 100% likely to understand – where the truth, and a lie. So, what you need to pay attention to:


User Profile


So, the first thing we look at is the profile of the user who left the review. Unfortunately, this feature is not available on all resources. Nevertheless, there are always things that should alert you. As already mentioned – this is the number of posts, topics in which the user is communicating, as well as his reputation on this resource.


Date of comment writing


As you already understood, writing customized reviews is not some kind of spontaneous Makhnovshchina, but quite a serious industry. In short, the system looks like this: the company orders the writing of reviews, after which the manager (let’s call this person so) the company begins to distribute them on the selected resource.


Very often it happens that the whole “pack” of reviews is poured immediately, in the end, within 15-30 minutes there is a splash, there are dozens of comments and comments. After a temporary calm, this splash repeats itself – in a short period of time, dozens of new “real” reviews are again “pouring in”.



It is clear that in reality, this does not happen – it is unlikely that all satisfied or dissatisfied customers decided to express their opinion almost simultaneously.



Style of writing a post


In our subjective opinion, literacy of Internet users, unfortunately, is deteriorating. Nevertheless, in this case it will play into our hands.


For example, the company orders a review about itself from a professional copywriter for a decent amount. The copywriter is honestly working out his fee. As a result, a post or commentary appears on the forex forum or forex website, corresponding to the volume at school, and written at 5+ in terms of literacy.


It is precisely such volumes and such commendable literacy that should arouse suspicion among you. Web users often use slang and abbreviations. Do not pay attention to the correct spelling of words and rarely bother with the proper arrangement of punctuation marks.


For example, a user with a nickname ProfitMaster in his post will write: “I decided to open a trading deposit. After much thought, he chose the company ABC-Market. The managers of the company listened attentively to me, answered all questions, helped me to open a deposit. Yesterday I brought my first profit quickly and without delay. I recommend to all”. A user with a nickname Vanya-Terminator writes: “Yesterday I was in the ABC-Market. Like the norms but I do not even like spreading their spreads and with the conclusion of some kind of mute. ” For some reason, Vanya believes more than the Lord of profit.


Elements of “black” PR


Let’s return to the conditional post from ProfitMaster, described above. There is a “white” advertising, for a kilometer giving away zakazuha. However, in the text there may be elements of “black” PR. For this, in the same post, instead of “After long meditations”, “After long torment with the withdrawal of money from the broker of the EYuA-trading …” and then in the text.


These are the mentions made, as it were, between the cases, with the head issue a custom spelling.


Lack of specifics and useful information


In topics about forex brokers, users write to share their experiences, whether positive or negative. If the specifics ends with the expressions “An excellent broker, I recommend!” Or “Do not fool yourself into this scam! Profit is not deductible! “, Then this is clearly someone’s” white “or” black “order. As mentioned above Julia Apel and NSerega, a sign of truthful post – account numbers, screenshots of correspondence with broker representatives, etc.


No shortcomings of the broker


Even in the best company, whatever it is, there are at least small, but disadvantages. And there will always be people who at least have something, but do not like it. Therefore, we understand that there are always drawbacks. How can this be useful to us?


The logic is simple. The company orders the writing of a review about its services. Naturally, the review is ordered in such a way as to gladly and enthusiastically talk about the services of the company without mentioning any shortcomings or “pitfalls”. This is done in order to improve the company’s rating.


And now think, if you are already reading the tenth consecutive exceptionally positive feedback about the company on one forum – is this a cause for concern? After all, real reviews of traders will necessarily contain descriptions of what they liked and did not like.


We hope that our recommendations will allow you to distinguish on forex forums real feedback about forex brokers from “black” and “white” orders and help make the right choice. Such are the cases, dear reader.


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