Signs and Symptoms of Anemia as per Ayurveda

What are signs and symptoms of Anemia as per Ayurveda?


In the previous article, we’ve discussed the causes of Anemia disease. And now, we’ll look into its symptoms.


As and when any of the varieties of Anemia disease is manifested, (viz. Vaata, Pitta, Kapha) the patient suffers from:


    • Suppression of the power of digestion


    • Weakness


    • Prostration


    • Repugnance against food


    • Fatigue


    • Giddiness


    • Pain in the body


    • Fever


    • Dyspnoea


    • Heaviness


    • Anorxia



He feels as if all the limbs of his body are being kneaded, squeezed and churned. He suffers from swelling of the orbital region. His complexion becomes green; the small hair of his body fall out; he loses his bodily lustre; he becomes irritable; he dislikes cold things; he feels sleepy, he spits in excess; he avoids speaking; he suffers from cramps in the calf region and while making efforts for climbing, he suffers from pain and weakness in the lumber region, thighs and feet.


If a person, whose constitution is dominated by pitta, takes recourse to pitta-aggravating diet, then the pitta thus accumulated vitiates blood, etc. and causes pittala type of Anemia (pandu) disease giving rise to signs and symptoms as follows:


    • His complexion becomes yellow or green.


    • He suffers from fever and burning sensation.


    • He faints because of excessive thirst and suffers from morbid thirst.


    • His urine and stool become yellow in colour.


    • He suffers from sweating and develops longing for cold things.


    • He does not relish food, pungent taste appears in his mouth; and hot and sour things do not suit him.


    • He gets eructation associated with sour taste and burning sensation due to mis-digestion of food.


    • Foul smell comes out of his mouth


    • He gets loose motions, weakness and fainting



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