Some Little tricks for cooks

Places of cut unused completely onions grease with any fat – the onion retains freshness and nutritional properties.

If you add a little milk to sour cream, it will not curdle in gravy.

To protect the open tomato paste from mold, put a little dry mustard on the lid.

The remaining tomato paste in the pot can be saved from mold, sprinkling it with shallow salt and filling with vegetable oil.

Withered vegetables (greens) can be freshened by dipping them first into hot water, and then into a cold one.

Boxes in the kitchen tables often begin to move out of the damp with difficulty. It is enough to wipe the side surfaces of the box with a candle and this disrepair will disappear.

When you cook potatoes in a uniform, the peel sometimes bursts. To prevent this from happening, add a few drops of vinegar to the water.

Soaking in vinegar, kvass, sour milk, cucumber, cabbage or beetroot brine is a reliable way to make tough meat soft.

Fish can be kept fresh for a day or two without a refrigerator. Cut it and sprinkle it on the outside and inside with a large salt, and then wrap it in a clean cloth moistened with a little sweetened vinegar (1-2 slices of sugar per half-liter of vinegar).

To put stuffed cabbage in a saucepan when stewing is not burned, put a lid on the bottom of the pan, smaller than the pan, with a diameter upward. On the cover lay cabbage leaves, and on them – cabbage rolls.

To cutlets, fish, meat or pancakes do not stick to a frying pan, you need to grate the previously heated frying pan with raw egg white.

To cook delicious milk porridge, we must remember that cereals from whole grains (rice, millet, pearl barley) in milk swell and boil out more slowly than in water. Therefore, they are better to boil in water, and then, adding hot milk, bring to readiness.

Lovers of dishes cooked in a Russian stove can cook them in the oven of a gas stove. To do this, it should be slightly before the equipment: put a few bricks inside (preferably refractory). The oven is warmed up properly, after which it is turned off and pans are placed in it. The heat lasts for several hours.

In an open pan during cooking, up to 20 percent of vitamins are lost, and in closed cooking, no more than 5 percent

To get more juice from the lemon, before putting it out, put it in hot water for 5 minutes.

If the lemon started to dry, lower it into cold water. It will not only preserve freshness, but will also become more juicy.

Do not throw seeds from sweet pepper when cooking. Collect them and dry them. In winter, they can be added to food. Seeds, by the way, contain more useful substances than the pepper itself and give the dishes a wonderful aroma. You can also do with all the spicy seeds.

The failed cork plug for the thermos can be replaced with a foam plastic wrapped with polyethylene film. This plug does not swell and keeps the heat well.

To make it easier to clean the eggs after cooking, add some salt to the water during cooking.

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