DowJones next movement | 03-Nov-2011

 Here is a technical chart of DowJoneswith ichimoku indicator. The price is getting support near the level of 11679, which is a support at kumo. But the problem here is falt kijun-sen line. Whenever the Kijun-Sen line is falt, it will attract the price – the golden rule of ichimoku indicator. So, in coming days, … Read more

Nifty Technical Chart | 02-Nov-2011

 Let’s analyze the technical chart of Nifty and see it trend for coming days.     In the last trading session, we’ve witnessed a change of 1.3% (68.65 points) in Nifty. Now, the question arises, where will be Nifty in coming days. The answer is in its technical chart using ichimoku indicator. As indicated by … Read more

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