Doda-Donchian or Doda-EMA Expert Advisor (EA)

Ever since I uploaded the first version of Doda-Donchian, I’m getting number of emails asking for its EA or EA for Doda-EMA. I’m taking this space to answer all such queries.

At this moment, I don’t have any EA for any of my indicators. I’m not good in coding EA for metatrader, so you can’t expect in near future also. I’ve already uploaded the source code of all the indicators and you can approach some professional coder who can design EA as per your requirement. I can’t refer anyone as I don’t knwo anyone personally. It’s your call.

Another type of query which I generally get is to modify indicators. Again, either you need to do it yourself or hire some professional as it’s not possible for me to modify indicators again and again as per individual requirement. I’ll surely add some features like email alert, color change option etc. in their next version.

The next type of email is asking for my phone no. Please note that I avoid mobile phones and social networking sites like Facebook.  You can follow my  posts via RSS, email, professional page of facebook or Twitter. The easiest way to contact me is just fill contact form available at

I’ll reply as soon as possible.

So, happy trading!

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  1. Hi! You know that a classical stockastic has a formula… Can you help me with the Doda Stockastic Formula? We are trying to incorporate it to our EA for the fact that is softer so it makes entry/exit signals clearer….

    I hope you have it!



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