EURUSD Technical Chart | 08-May-2018

Below is the technical chart of EURUSD. Time frame used is H4. Technical charts used are Doda DonchianDoda-Bollinger BandsIchimoku and ADX Candles technical indicators.

EURUSD Technical Chart | 08-May-2018

As it is clearly visible from the chart, the currency pair EURUSD is in downtrend since 19-Apr-2018, when it closed below Doda-Donchian indicator @1.23410. It started its downtrend journey and has not given any buy signal thereafter.

Even at this stage, the chart is bearish. It gave sell signal @1.19300 and getting some support around 1.19010 but it’s just a matter of time. It can easily go further down from here.

Do NOT take any long position even if any buy signal given by any technical indicator at this stage. Just make a stop-loss of 1.19457

Important Support Levels are:




Important Resistance Levels are:






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