FxPro MetaTrader MT4 Upgrade

As a result of the recent MetaTrader 4 (MT4) Build 600 upgrade,and subsequent versions, the folders for saving EAs have been moved.To identify your MT4 build click Help > About on your client terminal

Since this upgrade EAs, Indicators, Scripts and Library files are now to be saved in different locations.

You can access this folder from your MT4 client terminal by clicking on File > Open Data Folder.

All indicators should be saved in the folder titled: MQL4 > Experts.

All indicators should be saved in the folder titled: MQL4 > Indicators.

All library files should be saved in the folder titled: MQL4 > Libraries.

All script files should be saved in the folder titled: MQL4 > Scripts.

Clients using an earlier MT4 build, please note that once you upgrade to the new version your EAs, Indicators, Scripts and Library files will be transferred automatically to the folders mentioned above. Please ensure that this is effective once you upgrade and that your EAs and/or indicators are working correctly.

Finally, the MQL4 language has also been modified in this latest build, and this may interfere with your installed Expert Advisors (EAs) and indicators. If you notice any issues with your pre-installed EAs or indicators we encourage you to take the below actions.

Action 1: Contact your EA provider if you do not have the source code available and request an updated version of the EA, or ensure that the current one can properly run under the new MT4 build.
Action 2: If you have written your own EAs or have the source code available, please follow these steps:
Navigate to Tools > MetaQuotes Language Editor – a new window will appear.
Navigate to View Navigator – the Navigator box will appear in this window (if not shown already).
Double-click on the EA/indicator you would like to use and update – the relevant EA script will appear in the main window.
Alternatively navigate to File > Open to locate the relevant EA/indicator source code saved on your computer.
Click on Compile in the toolbar on top of the main window (or navigate to File > Compile) – a message will appear in the Toolbox window at the bottom.
Once this has completed and there are no error messages displayed you will need to close and reopen your MT4 client – your EAs and indicators should now be ready to use
If errors or warnings are displayed please review your code again or consult an MQL4 expert.
If it is an EA you are using, it may be good to backtest it again, and/or run it on a demo environment for a while prior to using it live.
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