The Main Postulates of Technical Analysis on Forex

The technical analysis on Forex as a whole can be defined as a method of forecasting the price dynamics, based on the observation of the charts for the previous periods of time.


The price takes into account all factors

Any factor, such as economic, political or psychological, has already been taken into account and is reflected in the price chart. In other words, changes in demand and supply are reflected in the price movement. If the demand for currency exceeds supply, then it begins to grow, and vice versa – if the supply exceeds demand, it falls.

The main task of technical analysis is to determine the direction of price movement for use in trade.

Hence we can distinguish the following:

a) The current trend always has a desire for development.
b) The current trend moves until it begins its reverse movement.
c) Trade only in the direction of the current trend.

History repeats itself

It is based on the assumption of the constant psychology of the crowd. If some time ago the situation developed in a certain way, then there is no reason to believe that under the same initial conditions, market participants will act differently.

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