The use of foil in everyday life

For sure, every housewife in the kitchen has a foil, but not everyone knows how much it can be useful in the household. We give you a selection of Top-15 unusual ways of using foil at home that will make life easier for you.


Unusual ways



    • After you hang the strips of foil on fruit trees, you can not worry about your crop – the birds will not peck it.


    • If you put a piece of aluminum foil under the thing you want to iron, then the thing itself will heat up twice as fast and, accordingly, you can also stroke it twice as fast.


    • If you throw a few lumps of foil into the washing machine, things will not accumulate static electricity.


    • Slice the aluminum foil with scissors, and the old blunt scissors will again become sharp.


    • If you need to move furniture, put the pieces of foil glossy side up under the legs. So even the heaviest items will move much easier.


    • If you need to amplify the signal wi-fi, fold the foil several times and place it behind the antennas of the router in the form of a screen. The foil will help to catch the signal.


    • To make the batteries last longer, put a “+” pole of each battery with a piece of foil. Such a system will work long and flawlessly.


    • To make a simple vacuum package, lay the open part of the bag with foil and lightly iron it with an iron.


    • From foil, you can make unusual shapes for a cookie – no one will be exactly like that.


    • You can mix soda with toothpaste, put this mixture on your teeth with a small layer and cover with foil. After an hour you will be surprised by the whitening effect.


    • You can keep dill and parsley much longer if you wrap them in foil and put in the fridge.


    • If you wipe with a ball of foil, preliminarily plunging it into water, iron or chrome parts, then you will get rid of rust on them.


    • Wrap the metal washcloth that served in the foil and put it in the freezer. After a while, it will become new.


    • A lump of foil will help you to clean the barbecue from food debris if you rub it with foil until the barbecue is cold.


  • If you wrap the tip of the ballpoint pen with foil, then you’ll make a stylus for your smartphone. And if you wrap the fingertips with foil, you can work with the smartphone even through gloves.

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