Top 5 Scariest Amusement Park Accidents caught on camera

Have you ever got a moment of Amusement Park Accidents in your mind? I don’t think so. Think of any amusement park and you’ll get happy moments in your mind. With family, friends – memories that will last forever. Enjoying roller coaster and yelling. Fantastic! Isn’t it?

But imagine someone falls from a roller coaster in between the ride. What will happen?

Amusement Park Accidents in Spain

Amusement Park Accidents in Spain

On the 27th of July, a woman got heavily injured after both of the seat chains snapped of the ride. Poor maintenance of the ride was the main reason for this horrible incident. The woman suffered the concussion and both of her legs were broken.

Amusement Park Accidents in China

**SomeMencia Mian Shi Yong Zhao Square amusement park China **

Amusement Park Accidents in China

A video was uploaded to a website which shows the horrifying moment when a man safety belt suddenly breaks and as the ride turns upside down. The man can be seen plummeting to watch the ground. Shocking and terrified onlookers can be heard screaming the person who filmed the man’s fall said that they died from his injuries.

Amusement Park Accidents in England

The Big Dipper, Battersea Fun Fair London, England

In 1951, Battersea Park in London disclosed the Fun Fair as a major aspect of the Festival of Britain. The significant fascination at the reasonable was The Big Dipper thrill ride. In spite of the fact that it didn’t seem so scary as a portion of the wound steel enormities seen at amusement stops today. In 1972, there was a frightful mishap when well known of the coaster’s cars broke enjoyable and rolled strengthen into the station. Five kids were slaughtered and numerous more harmed. The occurrence would stamp the demise of the Battersea Fun Fair, which limped on until 1974 preceding closing down.

===== Amusement Park Accidents in Kansas City =====

Tragic Waterslide Death

Ten-year-old Caleb Schwab sadly tumbled to his passing in 2016 while riding the Verruckt – a waterslide at Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Kansas City charged as the tallest on the planet. Witnesses said that Caleb’s pontoon went airborne and hit the netting over the slide subsequent to descending the initial 168-ft tall incline at about 60 mph. Different riders had announced before that the slide’s security bridles had not been working appropriately that day, despite the fact that police and stop authorities did not state precisely how Caleb had passed on. Caleb was the child of Kansas State Rep. Scott Schwab, and was at the recreation center with his family to observe “Elected Official Day.”

Amusement Park Accidents in Louisville

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom (Louisville, Ky.)

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom is home to the Superman Tower of Power, which lifts passengers approximately 17 stories before dropping them into free fall.

In 2007, one of the ride’s cables broke, wrapping around the neck and legs of 13-year-old passenger Kaitlyn Lasitter. While Kaitlyn was able to free herself from the cable around her neck, it snapped around her legs as the ride descended, severing her feet.

While surgeons were able to reattach her feet, the ride was shortly removed from the park following the accident.

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