Unbelievable Ways to Save Money by Companies

Many people are often tormented by the question of where their money goes. It would seem, just received a salary, and finances, like water, for some days somewhere evaporated. Realizing that they do not have enough money, people start to look for ways to save money, because, as the folk wisdom says, “saved finances are earned finances.” It is interesting that similar questions are asked by the leaders of the world’s largest companies. So, if an ordinary person, with the rational management of finances, usually saves up to several hundred dollars a month, then talking about the bought corporations, we are talking about the saved millions, and sometimes even billions. Let’s find out to what unusual ways of saving their managers resort, and what amazing results this brings.


UPS drivers are prohibited from turning to the left


One of the largest US transport companies, called UPS, owns a fleet of trucks in the amount of 96,000 cars, which, naturally, consume a huge amount of fuel. This issue was very troubling to the managing companies, and an active search for a way to save was started. So, one driver noticed that when you turn the truck to the left, more fuel is spent than when you turn to the right side. Surprisingly, the company immediately picked up this idea and already in 2004 officially prohibited all of its cars to turn left. New circular routes suitable for such transportation were developed and laid. Interestingly, this “anti-left” policy helped the company save more than 10 million gallons of gas and, moreover, significantly reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.


Slender stewardesses


The well-known international airline Ryanair urged all its flight attendants to become as slim as possible. And this was not done in order to increase the attractiveness of personnel and to minimize the aircraft’s light weight. The bonus for the most slender and attractive girls was shooting for the annual calendar of the company called Girls of Ryanair.


In addition to this unusual way of saving, the size of ice cubes for drinks was reduced in airplanes, and the format of the magazine for passengers was changed from A4 to a more compact A5. Together, all these measures led to a significantly lower fuel consumption and allowed the company to save up to $ 7 million a year.


One slice instead of two


Since 2008, the world-famous McDonalds snack chain has decided to put one slice of cheese in a very popular double cheeseburger instead of two. As a result, the sandwich was renamed to Mac Double. Buyers did not notice any particular changes in their favorite food and continued to regularly pay the same money.


Companies such a cunning trick allowed to save up to 5-6 cents from each such burger. Thanks to this, McDonald’s every year saves about 15-20 thousand dollars in their institutions.


The history of one olive


This unusual way of saving is often mentioned in many financial textbooks. Thus, the CEO of American Airlines, engaged in air travel, Bob Crandall has long sought a method that would reduce the cost of transporting passengers, and thought up a very original idea. So, during the flight, many people often ordered the same salad. Noticing this, Crandall studied the ingredients of the dish and decided to remove from it the most expensive component, namely one olive. As in the previous case, the passengers did not pay any attention to it and still continued to buy their favorite salad. Who would have thought that just one such olive allows you to save the company from 40 000 to 500 000 $ per year!


New check weight


Remember what you usually do with a check after you have withdrawn money from an ATM or a cash register of a bank? As a rule, such a piece of paper flies into the trash for a few seconds, and some people do not even look at what is written in it. Naturally, it was noticed by employees of banking organizations. So, a very original and unusual way of saving came up in the national bank of America. Completely refuse such receipts, of course, could not, but they guessed to reduce the density of paper and reduce its weight by only 25%. As you understand, checks themselves from this did not suffer at all, and Bank of America now saves thanks to such a simple idea of about $ 500,000 a year.


$ 5,000 for dismissal


Can you imagine the situation when the boss comes up to you and says: “If you quit, I’ll pay you $ 5,000.” It sounds strange, but it is this proposal that makes all its employees managers from the company Amazon.


What is the point of such waste? The fact is that Amazon is a very large corporation with thousands of warehouses, offices and tens of thousands of workers. Naturally, the company is constantly developing and is also looking for new ways to increase its profits, for which it regularly conducts training for its workers. Of course, all this takes a lot of time and money. And if any person came here just to earn money, not intending to associate their future with a career in the company, then Amazon is easier to get rid of it, giving the reason for which he came to the corporation, that is, paying $ 5,000 and dismissing such an employee.


Not surprisingly, with this approach, the company has maintained its leading position in its segment of the market (Internet commerce) for many years in a row. But even this is not all unusual ways to save large corporations, which you should know about.


Millions of dollars for changing the font


A student of one of the US colleges who worked part-time in a printing company advised his manager to change the font of the printed materials to Garamond. The chief approved the idea of an enterprising employee, and thanks to this the company was able to save over $ 21,000 per year on printer ink.


The company management decided to develop this idea further and addressed a similar proposal to government officials. Those also approved this idea, and as a result, the state could save for one year on ink for various printed materials already 136 million dollars!


Savings at closing


A curious case is known, connected with unusual ways of saving the company Cisco, which is engaged in the creation of various software and network devices. So, in 2010 from December 29 to January 2, the corporation closed all its offices, offices and subsidiary production, and sent all employees to forced leave. As they said in the corporation: “We have a clinical death.” Surprisingly, as a result of these 4 days of inaction, the company was able to save $ 2 million.


As you can see, sometimes even the simplest solutions allow in the long run to save a significant amount of money. This is especially evident in the case of international corporations, with which you have read earlier. Carefully review the items of expenditure of your budget. Perhaps, you will be able to save a significant part of your capital thanks to just one simple decision. After all, unusual ways of saving do not end with the above examples.

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