What is Anemia and its causes?

Anemia or (Pandu in Sanskrit) is a common disease caused by vitiation of Vata, Pita and Kapha. It can be because of single dosha or combination of 2 or 3. Generally, it’s caused by aggravation of Pitta.

Now, the question arises why this Pitta gets aggravated?

Pitta gets aggravated by the following reasons:

1. Excessive intake of alkaline, sour, saline, hot and mutually contradictory food, unwholesome food, non-veg food, oil-cake and til oil.

2. Sleeping during day time, and exercise as well as sexual intercourse even before the food is not properly digested.

3. Improper administration of pancha-karma therapies and transgression of prescribed seasonal regiments.

4. Suppression of natural urges like yawning, urine etc.

If in a person with his mind afflicted with passion, worry, fear, anger and grief, such aggravation of pitta located in the cardiac region takes place then this pitta being forcefully propelled by vayu, enters into the tem vessels attached to the heart and circulates in the entire body.

Being located between the skin and the muscle tissue, this aggravated pitta vitiates kapha, vayu, blood, skin and muscles and as a result of which different types of coloration like pandu (pale yellow) or yellow or green appear in the skin. This is called pandu roga – a type of anemia.

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