Why do Traders Leave the Forex Currency Market?

Sooner or later, before each trader, the question arises: is it worth it? It is about the comparability of time and effort spent on material goods. Of course, a beginner has this question to himself more often. You have to be a fairly stubborn person to continue trading Forex, despite a series of financial losses and disappointments.




    • The initial stage, when a beginner tries to embrace the immensity. This stage is characterized by a large number of merged demos and real deposits.


    • The stage of growth, when a trader begins to plan his trade, simplifies and improves his trading strategy.


    • Stage of professional maturity. At this stage, the trader is distinguished by patience in achieving the set goal and sufficient discipline in observing his own trading system. A distinctive feature of this stage is the development of trader’s intuition, of course, it is associated with the accumulated experience of the behavior of currency pairs.





Most often the beginner does not reach the second and third stages and throws trade. And this is understandable because the initial formation requires a new trader substantial moral, physical, mental and financial costs. Sometimes a person returns to Forex, realizing that he did not go all the way to becoming a trader. Significant interruptions in trade help the trader to accept the market not as a game, but as a tool for making money.


Sometimes traders leave forex in the second and third stages. The reason for this can be a good job or a stable, high-paying job. Sometimes a trader is bored with being in constant emotional tension, and he becomes an investor or finds a quieter work related to forex trading, for example, a consultant or analyst at some broker.


Passage of all stages of becoming a trader does not give the 100th guarantee that you will become a successful trader. Unfortunately, the most emotionally persistent and well-adapted individuals survive. Statistics show that only 5% of traders consistently make money in the market, but this is no reason to despair. This is an incentive to enter this top five. I wish everyone good luck!


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