Why it is not recommended to keep the laptop battery connected

Laptops have long become an indispensable attribute of every modern person – a pass to the magical world of the Internet. We use them for work, games, and communication from every corner of the planet. And if you act like most, then keep your laptop plugged in at home and at work. But in vain.

If you want to squeeze the maximum of energy out of your laptop’s batteries, unplug it from the mains as soon as the indicator shows 100 percent of the charge. And even a little earlier.

The head of the company Cadex Electronics Isidor Bushmann is sure that ideally, it is necessary to charge the battery to 80 percent, then turn it off, wait until the charge level drops to 40 percent and turn it back on. This method will extend the life of your battery up to four times.

The reason lies in the voltage level of each element of the lithium-polymer battery. The higher the percentage of charging, the higher the voltage level. The higher the voltage level, the higher the load per element. This load reduces the discharge time. According to the website of Battery University, if charging up to 100 percent, the laptop can produce 300-500 cycles of discharge, then when charging up to 70 percent the number of these cycles increases to 1200-2000.

Bushmann knows this well, as his company sponsors Battery University. In addition, he argues that the battery life shortens not only the constant connection to the network – the temperature also plays a significant role in this process. From overheating, the battery cells can expand and they can form bubbles. Such a battery will not last long.

To avoid these troubles, it is better not to close the lid of the laptop and not to keep it on your lap.

Bushmann admits that his advice is to keep the charge level between 40 and 80 percent – it’s easier said than done. Constantly keep the indicator under control during operation is not very convenient. “But it’s not so difficult at least to charge it up to 80 percent each time. And when you’re going on a trip, stop charging a little before 100 percent, “he says.

Some users have adapted to calculate the time that a computer needs to discharge from 80 to 40 percent and start a timer. The same thing they do with time, when the batteries are charged. If this method helps save – why not?

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