10 diseases that lead to Obesity

The appearance of obesity can not always be the result of malnutrition or lack of physical activity. In some cases, this can be due to illness.

If you have an unreasonable increase in excess weight, you should immediately seek advice from a doctor.

10 common diseases leading to obesity.

1, Hypothyroidism. The first sign of this disease is a slowing of metabolism as a result of a decrease in the secretion ofthyroid hormones. As a consequence – gaining excess weight, which leads to obesity.

Other symptoms of the disease include increased fatigue, memory is affected, apathy and weakness appear, hair falls out, a person complains of low working capacity, anaemia and other health problems appear.

2. Syndrome Itenko-Cushing. With the Itenko-Cushing syndrome, a large amount of the hormone cortisol appears in the human body, and the result is an incorrect adrenal work.

When a hormone appears, the protein in the body breaks down, sugar rises. It can affect the metabolism. Accordingly, the amount of adipose tissue increases and the amount of muscle tissue decreases.

The classic symptoms of the disease include a change in the figure. Accumulation of fat occurs in the region of the chin, at the waist, in the hips. However, the limbs of a person do not change.

3. Adiposogenital dystrophy, (pituitary obesity). The development of this disease can serve as trauma to the hypothalamic-pituitary system. The development of the reproductive system is delayed and obesity appears.

The disease can appear in children, as a rule, makes itself felt at the onset of puberty.

4. Pickwick’s syndrome. In this disease, the hypothalamus is broken. Obesity is combined with a reduced process of ventilation of the lungs. Complaints in patients are mainly on weakness in the body and drowsiness.

5. Diseases at the gene level. The most famous diseases are Carpenter syndrome, Lawrence-Moon-Bidle syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome. Violated the work of the hypothalamus, in the end, there is obesity caused by overeating.

diseases that lead to Obesity
diseases that lead to Obesity

The consequence of the appearance of gene syndromes is weight gain, mental retardation, the functioning of various body functions is disrupted, some organs and parts of the body can develop incorrectly, for example, a person is born with more or fewer fingers.

With these syndromes, the human spine suffers, skull asymmetry and similar disorders can be observed.

6. Climacteric obesity. Appears in women during menopause. If in the ovaries of a woman sex hormones are not produced enough. Also can appear after their surgical removal.

7. Insulinoma. With this pathology, a tumour develops in the body, releasing a large amount of insulin. Due to this, the level of sugar in the blood of a person decreases. There is a set of excess weight, the work of the nervous system is damaged. Memory suffers the patient’s attention.

8. Mental disorders. In the state of some mental illnesses, for example, in schizophrenia, patients can not control their appetite, which leads to obesity.

9. Alcoholism. With the regular use of alcoholic beverages, the metabolism is disturbed, alcohol is very poorly excreted from the human body, as a result, a large number of kilocalories appear and obesity appears.

10. Polycystic ovary syndrome. If a young woman is completely absent from menstruation, a large amount of body hair and excess weight appear, then these are the true signs of this disease. Be vigilant, it leads to infertility.

A healthy life believes that the diseases described above are the most common diseases that lead to the appearance of obesity. In fact, there are many more.

However, obesity very often appears from malnutrition and lack of exercise. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of your health responsibly.

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